Is the Trans cooling line leaking at the radiator?

Is the Trans cooling line leaking at the radiator?

Yes they are leaking at the compression fittings in the engine compartment. I found a guy who made his own fix. He cut the fittings off and reconnected the hoses with regular hose clamps and he said they have been dry for a year now. I can’t find the post anywhere now.

Where are the cooling lines at the radiator?

The cooler lines are VERY common but at the rubber portion at the compression fittings in the engine compartment. Is this an expensive or complicated repair? I also have what sounds like a fine leak where I can hear it but not physically detect it. Having replaced my radiator late last year, it kind of has me on eadge a bit.

What to do if your Radiator is leaking?

I just disconnected the radiator side and used a Dremel to cut the clamps, then put power steering hose on (b/c o’riellys was out of trans line, but power steering was very similar) and put two clamps on each end to be on the safe side. It’s only been that wasy about a week now, but no more leaks.

Why are the cooling lines on my Jeep leaking?

Like a steam leak. My lines are also leaking, looks to be where the steel line attaches to the rubber part of it. Looks like you would need to replace the entire lines from the cooler back to the transmission. I’m guessing this would be a dealer only replacement item. Anyone have any idea if this is so?

What happens when transmission lines leak at Radiator?

The fluid transmission can be low if the leak within the hydraulic transmission lines goes to the transmission cooler. Any transmission that has a lower amount of fluid than it needs to function correctly will potentially lead to a sharp shift in any equipment.

Do you have to replace a transmission cooling line?

In a word, yes. In fact, you must replace a malfunctioning transmission cooling line. If you have a leak and do not fix it, you’re on a very short clock. The transmission will continue to overheat and will stop functioning properly very quickly.

What to do if your transmission cooler is leaking?

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Is there a way to repair a leaking coolant line?

You may have heard of or seen transmission cooling line repair kits and wondered if these were an option for repairing your own leaking coolant lines. They do exist, but these are not really geared for the casual consumer. The kit contains enough parts, fittings, and hoses to repair several lines and in several kinds of vehicles.