Is there no power to pigtail, 389 Peterbilt?

Is there no power to pigtail, 389 Peterbilt?

No power to pigtail, 389 peterbilt 2012, All the way up to the chassi control module. And Have truck repair questions? Ask an Expert By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them.

How many pages is the Peterbilt 389 family schematic manual?

we would gladly discuss the details of exchange or purchase. Peterbilt 389 Family Complete schematic manual includes detailed electrical schematics and diagrams for truck Peterbilt 389. This information is presented in PDF format, includes 67 pages, all pages are printable and readable.

Where are the switches on a Pete Truck?

There should be three switches on Pete. One usually on driver side around the top of radiator. One on driver side on lines near fan solenoid. And one on passenger side on lines on cab. One is low pressure, one is high pressure, and one is fan control. I can’t remember which is which without looking.

What is the wiring manual for a Peterbilt truck?

Our managers proceed your order the same day. This manual is a collection of wiring Electrical Schematic Manual and connections to the Peterbilt ADEM III ECU C10, C12,340. The material contains detailed wiring electric schemes, diagrams, the layout of all components, and the necessary special tool for your equipment.

What was the problem with the Peterbilt lights?

My driver just went in to Peterbilt in Springfield, MO with the same problem but it also affected his top trailer lights and some on the rear. It was one of the silver fuses and I think it was just loose a little. The service manager came out and bent the ends a little and that fixed the problem WITH NO CHARGE.

Where are the brake lights on a Peterbilt?

On the front of the cab, on the firewall, under the hood, towards the passenger side. Black box with about 3 plugs going into the bottom of it. It has all the wires going to all the lights. The other spot where they put it is in with the chassis module, passenger right side. plugs come out on the passenger firewall.

Where can I get a Peterbilt clearance light?

Looks like a fuse but a lil bigger. Usually grey. It is either just getting old a weak or u have a short somewhere. U can get them at peteerbilt or probably other places. Try puting a fuse in its place and if it blows u have a short. Should b marked as clearance lites.