What are some fun facts about Ukraine?

What are some fun facts about Ukraine?

8 Interesting Facts about Ukraine

  • Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe.
  • Russian or Ukrainian both language works here.
  • Arsenalna is the deepest metro station in the world.
  • McDonalds in Kiev is among the most visited McDonald’s restaurant in the world.
  • Ukraine is among most educated nation in the world.

What are the major achievements of Ukrainian scientists?

The largest cargo plane in the world, An-225 called Mriya is merely one of the numerous inventions born in Ukraine. The revolutionary anti-plague vaccines, pioneering kerosene, the first helicopters, and much more was also once brought to this world by Ukrainian scientists.

What are the famous people of Ukraine?


  • Elisabeth Bergner, Austrian-English Jewish actress.
  • Anna Butkevich (born 1985), actress, TV presenter, model.
  • Elina Bystritskaya.
  • Olena Chekan.
  • Luba Goy.
  • John Hodiak.
  • Milla Jovovich.
  • Vera Kholodnaya.

What famous Ukrainian scientists do you know?

10 world-famous Ukrainians in science and tech

  • George Gamow. 1904 (Odessa, Ukraine) — 1968 (Boulder, CO, United States)
  • Fedir Pirotsky.
  • Anatoliy Kokush.
  • Ivan Puluy.
  • Igor Sikorsky.
  • Yuriy Kondratyuk (Olexander Shargey)
  • Olexander Smakula.
  • Sergiy Korolyov.

What was invented in Ukraine?

The Ukrainian was the author of the vaccine against plague and cholera, Ukrainian invented the postal code, seawater desalination system, plaster cast and CD.

Does it snow in the Ukraine?

Snow covers Kiev for about 80 days per year (which were about one hundred in the previous decades, when the climate was colder). The coldest periods are those in which the Siberian Anticyclone settles in the country: in these situations, the temperature can drop to -30 °C (-22 °F) or even below.