What are some fun things to do at the Great Barrier Reef?

What are some fun things to do at the Great Barrier Reef?

Top 5 Things to Do in the Great Barrier Reef

  • Snorkelling. Get up close and personal with the creatures and learn more about the ecosystem of this incredible natural hotspot.
  • Scuba Diving. If you’re after something a little more exciting, why not try scuba diving?
  • Visit Green Island.
  • Helicopter Flight.
  • Whitehaven Beach.

What is the most popular thing to do at the Great Barrier Reef?

Among the most popular things to do are scuba diving and snorkeling along the shimmering coral reefs, sailing around idyllic tropical islands, fishing in designated zones, peering at the abundant marine life from a glass-bottomed boat, and soaring over this magnificent natural wonder on a scenic flight.

Is it illegal to take coral from the Great Barrier Reef?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to take coral from the reef without a permit. The reef itself, which covers the biggest coral structure in the world, is a nature preserve protected by Australian and international laws.

What can kids do in the Great Barrier Reef?

Stay dry by taking a glass-bottomed boat tour or a spin in the semi-submersible, or for a first time introduction, kids can hop in the fully enclosed ocean pool. Guided snorkelling safaris will suit experienced snorkellers and for daredevils, take a slide down the only waterslide found in the Great Barrier Reef.

What 3 threats does the Great Barrier Reef face?

Climate change is the greatest threat to the Great Barrier Reef, threatening its very existence.

  • Water quality. Increasing sediment, nutrients and contaminants, combined with rising sea temperatures and ocean acidification are damaging the Reef.
  • Crown of Thorns Starfish.
  • Coastal development.

Can you take dead coral from beach?

As a general rule, do not remove dead coral pieces from the beach as souvenirs. In many locations, collecting coral is strictly prohibited and you might get a hefty fine.

Is it illegal to collect shells from beaches in Australia?

For the most part, it’s perfectly legal to collect seashells from Australian beaches provided they are not occupied by living creatures. It’s also a good idea to avoid collecting vulnerable or protected shell species – even if the shell appears unoccupied.

What would happen if the Great Barrier Reef died?

Coastlines would take a battering Without them, shorelines would be vulnerable to erosion and rising sea levels would push coast-dwelling communities out of their homes. Nearly 200 million people rely on coral reefs to safeguard them from storms.

Can kids swim in Great Barrier Reef?

The islands are a great choice because the children can get out and run around, swim or snorkel in the shallow waters and have hours of fun building sand castles on the beaches. The outer reef platforms are also suitable for children because they have glass bottom boats and underwater observatories for coral viewing.

How old do you have to be to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef?

How Old Should Kids Be? To make the most of your family vacation, kids should be old enough to confidently swim and snorkel. We typically recommend the Great Barrier Reef to families with kids age 6 or older.