What are some other words for mud?

What are some other words for mud?

synonyms for mud

  • clay.
  • muck.
  • silt.
  • sludge.
  • slush.
  • mire.
  • ooze.
  • slab.

What is another word for softness?

What is another word for softness?

compassion empathy
gentleness softheartedness
benevolence concern
consideration warmheartedness
leniency kind-heartedness

What is another word for Clear as mud?

What is another word for clear as mud?

uncomprehensible incomprehensible
mystifying obscure
opaque over one’s head
perplexing puzzling
sibylline unclear

What is a scientific word for mud?

mire. An area of wet, soggy, muddy ground; a bog. 0. 0. muck.

How do you describe mud?

Mud is soil, loam, silt or clay mixed with water. It usually forms after rainfall or near water sources. Ancient mud deposits harden over geological time to form sedimentary rock such as shale or mudstone (generally called lutites).

What is the synonym of fluffy?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for fluffy, like: fuzzy, fleecy, soft, airy, creamy, feathery, frivolous, furry, rough, downy and stripy.

How do you describe softness?

The definition of soft is something that is pleasant to touch and is easy to mold, shape, change or compress, soft can also be used to describe someone or something that is calm and gentle. An example of something that would be described as soft is a feather pillow. Smooth or fine to the touch.

Is that clear as mud?

If something is as clear as mud, it is confusing and difficult to understand. The instructions are about as clear as mud! Note: You usually use this expression in a humorous way.

What is the meaning of clear as day?

Definition of as clear as day/daylight/anything : very clearly The sign said/read “Keep Out” as clear as day/daylight/anything.

What is the antonym of mud?

What is the opposite of mud?

cleanliness morality
pureness purity

What does caked up mean in slang?

DEEP DIVE. “Caked up” means an individual has a nice rear end. The phrase comes from the term “cake,” which is a slang term for a big butt. “Cake” has been around for years, having been used in numerous hip-hop and R&B songs, like Rihanna’s 2011 “Birthday Cake.”