What are the features of the new Kia Carens?

What are the features of the new Kia Carens?

“The all-new Carens takes Kia back into one of the most important and competitive sectors of the European market with a strong contender for class-honours. Very stylish and sporty looking, new Carens has a spacious and versatile interior with five or seven seats and large storage compartments throughout the cabin.

Where are the storage compartments in the Kia Carens?

Storage compartments are conveniently located throughout the new Carens with under-seat drawers, under-floor storage boxes, a deep centre console cubby hole and large door pockets.

Are there any changes to the Kia Cadenza?

Kia Motors reserves the right to make changes at any time as to vehicle availability, destination, and handling fees, colors, materials, specifications, features, accessories, packages and models. Not responsible for typographical and computer errors.

What’s the problem with my Kia Carens diesel?

Problem: On newer diesel versions of the Carens there is a part called a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) which is known to get clogged up if the car is only really used for short journeys around town etc. This will make the DPF warning light appear on the dashboard and could also increase fuel consumption.

How did Kerry at peak Kia north do?

Kerry made the process simple and straightforward, no sales gimmicks and no hassle. I will be buying vehicles from him moving forward and recommending my friends and family as well. Kerry helped me get the car I wanted with all of the features I requested incredibly quickly. Top knot has service! Everything at Peak Kia North was wonderful.

What causes a Kia Carens to jerk when going over speed bumps?

This can cause the car to jerk as you go over the speed bumps, or rough surfaces. Fitting replacement upper strut mounts will resolve the issue. There are known issues with gear changing problems on the Carens. This issue can be caused by several different things. At the very least the gearbox will need stripped and rebuilt.

Who is the sales rep for peak Kia?

The overall performance and price from Peak Kia was outstanding, from the GM to the person who helped us at the parts department! Hunter, or sales rep, did a great job at being responsive to our needs. When purchasing the vehicle, we were offered an extended warranty.