What causes a fuel injector to fail in a diesel engine?

What causes a fuel injector to fail in a diesel engine?

Fault fuel injectors in a diesel engine The biggest result of Common rail diesel injector failure is due to excessive back leak or return flow. The cause of this would be internal worn parts ie your pilot valve, nozzles or seals. The faulty parts allow the fuel to travel back up the injector to the fuel system or diesel tank.

How does the fuel injector charge the battery?

Connect the multimeter’s red lead to one of the disconnected plugs. Connect the black multimeter lead to the vehicle battery’s positive terminal. Have an assistant start the engine. The engine rotation will charge the fuel injector electronics plug. As the engine turns, the voltage on the multimeter should alternate between 12 volts and 0 volts.

How long does it take to replace fuel injector?

But, if you need to replace the old fuel injector with a new one, on a do it yourself basis, with intermediate skills, it will take you between 1 to 2 hours. This guide is for an Engine Fuel System vehicle. Also, you will need to have an intermediate Skill Level to carry out this routine.

How to test the wiring on a fuel injector?

How to Test Injector Wiring 1 Electrical Short Testing. Disconnect all the fuel injector electronic plugs on the engine. 2 Voltage Testing. Turn the ignition key to the “On” position. 3 Fuel Injector Resistance Testing. Turn the multimeter to “Ohms.” Place the multimeter leads into the fuel injector plug terminal. …

When do you need a diesel fuel injector?

We all know that your vehicle’s engine and overall performance is only as good as the fuel you choose at the bowser. If, however, your vehicle is being plagued with drivability issues, then it might be time to have your diesel fuel injectors looked at. What is a fuel injector?

Why is LB7 injector failure a common problem?

We know today LB7 injector failure is a common problem, and because the operating tolerances inside the fuel system are so tight, proper lubrication from the diesel fuel is critical.

Why are diesel fuel injectors more expensive to repair?

The advent of the common rail injection systems introduced a far superior level of vehicle performance and improved fuel economy. However, the newer systems are far more complicated than their predecessor, meaning they can often be more costly to repair. They may also have a shorter lifespan.

What causes fuel injectors to fail on a Cummins 5.9v?

If you don’t frequently change your fuel filters the dirt in the fuel can easily get clogged in the injectors. This can cause the injectors to either leak and drip fuel into the engine, or clog and not provide enough fuel to each cylinder. Fuel injectors on the 5.9 24v are known to fail around the 150,000 mile mark.