What does the Mercedes check engine warning light mean?

What does the Mercedes check engine warning light mean?

Mercedes-Benz Check Engine Warning Light When the check engine warning light flashes up it’s often paired by tell-tale signs that the engine is not working properly, such as a lack of power or stuttering as you press the accelerator. This warning could indicate a range of faults, from minor issues to a much larger mechanical issue.

What does the warning light on Mercedes M Class W163 mean?

Mercedes M Class W163 ETS warning light – the ETS warning light symbol in the instrument cluster comes on with the key in steering lock position 2. It should go out with the engine running. If the ETS malfunction indicator lamp remains illuminated with the engine running a malfunction has been detected.

How to check your Mercedes Benz service engine?

If you are having trouble with a Mercedes Benz then go to mercedesmedic.com/ faultcodes/ to get an idea of what your problem is. If you want to do more research then use Search function on Mercedes Medic or any other search engine to get a better idea of the problem. On any search engine enter the manufacturer and the code you got from the scanner.

Where is the ESP warning light on a Mercedes?

The ESP warning lamp, located in the speedometer dial, starts to flash when ESP is in operation. You can diagnose this system by using the iCarsoft MB V1.0 Mercedes OBD Code Reader. Mercedes M Class W163 passenger airbag off warning light – this symbol lamp will illuminate when the front passenger airbag has been de-activated.

Is the Check Engine light on in my Mercedes?

Has the check engine light turned on in your Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class, GLA, GLC, GLE, ML, or SL? It can be alarming seeing an engine warning appear on your dashboard, especially if you’ve never seen it before.

When does the engine management warning light appear?

Engine Management Warning Light (Diesel Engines Only) If the light appears when the ignition is switched on, this is a normal function (to appear for a few seconds). If the light appears whilst the engine is running drive slowly and carefullyto an authorised repairer immediatelydue to engine management fault.

What do the warning lights on a Mercedes M class mean?

Generally, this could be illuminated because of a fault sensor such as camshaft, crankshaft, Mass airflow meter or ignition coil. Mercedes M Class W163 SRS airbag warning light – this is the SRS airbag lamp symbol on the Mercedes M class and indicates that the airbag system has a fault.

Where to take a Mercedes Benz for a diagnostic test?

Your best bet is to take it to a qualified Mercedes-Benz specialist at a reputable Mercedes-Benz service center for some diagnostic testing whenever possible.