What engine is in the Kenworth T880?

What engine is in the Kenworth T880?

PACCAR MX-13 engine
Powering the Kenworth T880 are the high quality and reliability of the PACCAR MX engines. The 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 engine is designed to meet the demands of vocational heavy-duty truck applications — delivering the increased horsepower and torque needed to move large payloads with ease, even on steep grades.

What’s the difference between a T680 and an T880?

The Differences On the Kenworth T680, the hood is optimized for airflow to ensure the ultimate fuel efficiency and aerodynamics. On the Kenworth T880 the hood design allows for a set-back front axle configuration creating a strong and stable foundation for tough-duty applications like logging and construction.

How much horsepower does a Kenworth T880 have?

500 hp
At the heart of the T880 is a fully optimized and integrated drivetrain featuring the quality and proven reliability of the PACCAR MX-13 engine. These highly efficient, clean running engines deliver up to 500 hp and 1,850 lb-ft of torque – all the muscle you need to do the job.

What is a Kenworth T880?

The Kenworth T880 features a luxurious and intelligent interior that offers a comfortable ride and puts the driver in complete control. The curved, state-of-the-art control center, highlighted by the Kenworth NavPlus and SmartWheel, comes standard in all T880s.

Where are Kenworth T880 built?

Chillicothe, Ohio
Kenworth T680 and T880 Manufactured Exclusively in Chillicothe, Ohio.

How much can a Kenworth T880 haul?

Even though we weren’t actually heavy-hauling, the T880 was capable of it, with a GCW rating—that’s with trailer and load—of 144,000 pounds.

Is the Kenworth T880 a good work truck?

The T880 is one of the most proven and versatile work trucks ever conceived. Its “standard” set-back front axle configuration offers the perfect foundation for a myriad of tough-duty solutions requiring superior strength, reliability and operating efficiency.

Is the 2016 Kenworth T880 tandem axle Day Cab for sale?

Super clean low mile 2016 Kenworth T880 tandem axle day cab for sale with a Paccar MX13 engine and a 10 speed transmission. Hurry and call us here at American Motors to talk about our Big Rig i… See More Details

What kind of jobs can a T880 do?

With the T880, you’ve got a dependable, versatile vehicle capable of performing your toughest jobs. Day in, day out. A truck designed at its core with the strength, stamina and operating economy you need to move your business ahead. Bulk tractor. Tanker. Dump truck. Mixer. Heavy hauler. Refuse truck. Logger.

How long does it take to replace a Fender on a Kenworth Truck?

Bolt-on fenders for quick replacement to get you back on the work site. Each fender can be replaced in less than two hours. The optional pre-cleaner is a great addition when operating in dusty environments like feed lots, road building or ready-mix operations.