What happened to the VW diesels?

What happened to the VW diesels?

Nearly three years after Volkswagen started its buyback program, the automaker said it had approximately 100,000 of these diesels left to sell, after which it will abandon diesel cars in the American market. He now understands the cultish appeal of the cars, known for their turbocharged direct injection diesel engines.

Is TDI coming back?

VW’s TDI is back! Volkswagen hopes so because they have a new TDI engine, which they claim is cleaner than ever. VW plans to build gasoline and diesel-powered cars alongside their electrified offerings for years to come.

Why did VW stop making TDI?

After being caught using software to reduce emissions illegally, VW Group has decided to stop selling diesel models from its VW, Audi and Porsche brands in the US. If the diesel engine were to be dropped entirely tomorrow, America’s economy would grind to a halt immediately.

Do you have a 2012 VW Passat TDI?

If you have a 2012, 2013, or 2014 Passat 2.0L TDI and got the approved emissions modification, Volkswagen has identified a potential problem with the “fix” it installed on your car that needs your immediate attention. If you have one of those vehicles but haven’t gotten the modification, you must make an important decision very soon.

When did the third generation Passat come out?

The third generation Passat was introduced in March 1988 in Europe, 1990 in North America, and 1995 in South America. The lack of a grille made the car’s front end styling reminiscent of older, rear-engined Volkswagens, such as the 411, and also doubled as a modern styling trend.

How do I get my VW Passat back?

Call 1‑844‑98‑CLAIM by the date in the letter you get from VW to select the buyback or early lease termination. If you decide you still want the modification, wait until you hear from Volkswagen that the software update is available to fix the problem Volkswagen has reported. Here are answers to questions Passat owners may have.

When did the Volkswagen Passat get a facelift?

The range received a facelift in 1977 (launched 1978 outside Europe) with revised interior and revised exterior with repositioned indicators and depending on model, either four round or two rectangular headlights. In North America, the car was marketed as the Volkswagen Dasher.