What is a torque rod bushing?

What is a torque rod bushing?

Torque rod bushings are attached to both ends of torque rods to lessen the vibration and shock transmitted from the road surface to the chassis. The torque rods and bushings also fix the rear axle in place as well as transmit the driving torque, so they must be able to withstand inputs from a variety of directions.

What is a torque rod used for?

Torque Rod Function A torque rod’s job is to help the suspension maintain its shape. It keeps the axles in line, so you’ll be able to steer properly during your drive without any pulling or shaking. They’re also in charge of controlling axle rotation. On the body of a truck, a torque rod is even more important.

What is a torque arm on a semi truck?

A torque rod can also be called a radius rod, radius arm, torque arm, or dog bone. Torque rods are suspension links that are meant to limit the movement of the axles without limiting suspension articulation. Torque arm suspensions are very common on medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Can a worn torque rod cause a suspension problem?

Worn torque rod bushings can cause several issues with the suspension, and if torque rod bushings have enough wear, it may even cause damage to the suspension or driveline components. As the suspension is no longer secured in a fixed position, it may present some strange symptoms.

When to replace a torque rod bushing in a truck?

Torque rod bushings should be inspected for wear and excess movement during preventative maintenance. Worn bushings or damaged torque arms should be immediately replaced when issues are found. Various suspension designs will require mounting types that work correctly with the elements of the suspension design.

What are the bushings on an atro torque rod?

Most ATRO Torque Rods feature our free-rotation bushings — an outer metal sleeve with a rotating inner sleeve/pin. This free-rotation design made with ATRO’s custom polyurethane blend eliminates the typical bushing windup and walkout that rubber bushings experience.

What happens to suspension bushes when they go bad?

Bushings often go bad when the rubber dries out. Consequently, a bad bushing will feel hard and inflexible. From the cab of a truck, bad suspension bushing makes riding feel more turbulent and jumpy. What happens when bushings go bad?