What is GT VW?

What is GT VW?

“A bit like a Golf GTI but cheaper to buy and run, the VW Golf GT is a good compromise. It’s not been quite as extensively modified and restyled as the GTI, but it still has lower sports suspension than a regular Golf, rear tinted windows, red rear light clusters and front foglights that help to illuminate corners.

What does GT stand for in VW cars?

Grand Tourer
There are many cars that claim to be a Grand Tourer or GT but in all of this noise, we aim to clear up the definition of what is a Grand Tourer and maybe even find the best modern GT available new in 2018. First of all, let us break down what Grand Tourer means.

What are the specs of a Volkswagen Golf 4 TDI 110?

Browse Car Specifications… With a fuel consumption of 4.9 litres/100km – 58 mpg UK – 48 mpg US (Average), 0 to 100 km/h (62mph) in 10.6 seconds, a maximum top speed of 120 mph (193 km/h), a curb weight of 2599 lbs (1179 kgs), the Golf 4 TDI 110 has a turbocharged Inline 4 cylinder engine, Diesel motor, with the engine code AHF.

What kind of engine does a golf 4 TDI have?

The Volkswagen Golf 4 TDI 110 has a Inline 4, Diesel engine with 1896 cm3 / 115.7 cu-in capacity. How many horsepower (hp) does a 1997 Volkswagen Golf 4 TDI 110 have? The 1997 Volkswagen Golf 4 TDI 110 has 110 PS / 109 bhp / 81 kW.

How many 0 to 60 times does a VW GTI?

Please take into account that the Volkswagen 0 to 60 times and Quarter mile data listed on this car performance page is gathered from numerous credible sources. There are a great deal of factors that affect the Volkswagen cars 0-60 stats, so different sources may test the same vehicle and each may arrive at a

When did the Volkswagen Golf IV come out?

Introduced in 1998 and kept in production until 2003, the Volkswagen Golf IV came in two body versions, three and five doors, being obviously based on the previous model launched in 1993. Although Volkswagen Golf III got a Cabrio flavor of the vehicle, the German car manufacturer didn’t introduce a new vehicle for this fourth generation.