What is the correct meaning of the word abeyance?

What is the correct meaning of the word abeyance?

1 : a state of temporary activity : suspension — used chiefly in the phrase in abeyance. 2 : a lapse in succession during which there is no person in whom a title is vested. Examples: The misdemeanor charges are in abeyance while the suspect is being prosecuted for the felony.

What does it mean to hold a case in abeyance?

An abeyance is a temporary halt to something, with the emphasis on “temporary.” It is usually used with the word “in” or “into”; “in abeyance” suggests a state of waiting or holding. Different legal rights, like property rights, can be held in abeyance until matters are resolved.

What is a letter of abeyance?

An abeyance order is a court order declaring that the legal right to property or claim is held in abeyance, or temporarily placed on hold until matters are resolved. In advertising, an abeyance order refers to an order from an advertiser for a media slot on television or radio that is temporarily unavailable.

How do you use abeyance in a sentence?

Abeyance sentence example

  1. This regulation fell into abeyance after the 12th century, and such inscriptions are very rare.
  2. Charles the Fair having died and left only a daughter, the nations rights, so long in abeyance , were once more regained.

What does child support abeyance mean?

Abeyance means it is held and not active yet. So you are not going to receive that money anytime soon. The judge needs to order it to be paid now.

What does Creeds and schools in abeyance mean?

When he says, “Creeds and schools in abeyance,” he seems to indicate that he will keep various ideologies (ways of thinking) with which he is familiar at bay; they will be suspended, inactive, while he sings.

Is Abeyant a word?

temporarily inactive, stopped, or suspended.

What is a Abey?

To put in abeyance, suspend; to put aside.

What is the synonym of obey?

comply with, adhere to, observe, abide by, act in accordance with, conform to, respect, acquiesce in, consent to, agree to, follow, accept, keep to, stick to. play it by the book, toe the line. disobey, defy, contravene.

What is the noun of obey?

obey is a verb, obedient is an adjective, obedience is a noun:These children obey their parents. to comply with or follow the commands, restrictions, wishes, or instructions of:to obey one’s parents.