What is the difference between Suzuki 140 and 150?

What is the difference between Suzuki 140 and 150?

The Suzuki 140 is an excellent motor, but so is the 150. The 150 is going to have a torque advantage far in excess of what the 10hp difference indicates. In most cases, a larger motor loafing along will burn less fuel than a smaller motor working harder, assuming both motors are propped correctly.

Where are Suzuki Motors made?

Suzuki outboard motors are produced at the Toyokawa Plant located in the Aichi Prefecture, Japan, as well as in overseas.

Why does Suzuki make a 140?

However, the new 140, dubbed the DF140BG, will be the first in its horsepower class to feature drive-by-wire throttle and shift, eliminating the need for mechanical cables. This motor will also sport a 10.5:1 compression ratio (versus 9.7:1 for existing 140) to produce greater torque.

Where are Suzuki outboard made?

How much does a 115 Suzuki outboard cost?

prop and fuel tank included with all engines up to 30 hp….New 2022 Suzuki Outboard Engines:

Engine description (all engines NB in color unless specified): Clark Marine SALE PRICE
Suzuki DF 90 ATL4 $8,295
Suzuki DF 115 ATL4 $8,910
Suzuki DF 115 ATLSS4 (Color: MB2, Matte Black) $9,090
Suzuki DF 140 ATL4 $10,145

What kind of color is the new Suzuki df150a?

The new Suzuki DF150A and DF175A models are available in black or Cool White color, while the DF150SS is finished in menacing matte black with red trim. In the popular 150-horsepower class, the Suzuki DF150A will butt heads with the Mercury 150 FourStroke and the Yamaha F150.

Which is better a Suzuki or a Yamaha?

Yamaha have schools that regularily update the techs. I would go Yamaha because I know MANY people that have had an extremely long service life with them. Suzuki makes excellent products but w/o service nothing is really good. Yea, check to be sure you have someone that will work on the Suzuki.

How long is a Suzuki outboard engine good for?

Confidence in their product expressed as a long warranty: Before Suzuki an outboard motor manufacturer such as Mercury only stood behind their product for one year or perhaps two years. When Suzuki offered their outboard motors with a SIX YEAR FULL FACTORY WARRANTY, Suzuki turned the outboard engine manufacturing business upside down.

What’s the displacement of a Suzuki outboard boat?

The new Suzuki DF150A and DF175A outboard models will find a wide variety of applications, from center console fishing boats or pontoons. The new models share an inline four-cylinder powerhead that displaces 2.8 liters (175 cubic inches), which is exactly the same displacement as the previous DF150/175 models.