What is the top speed of a PW80?

What is the top speed of a PW80?

Answer is 41 mph.

Does float level affect idle?

Float-level adjustment: With the engine idling, remove the air cleaner and carefully look down the carburetor’s throat to the main nozzle. If it is wet or dripping with gasoline, the float level is probably too high, causing the fuel to discharge while the engine is idling.

Why is float level important?

You want to set the float height so your bike runs on the properly metered amount of fuel it needs. If the floats are set too high, fuel will overflow via overflow ports that are drilled into the carb body.

How fast is a Yamaha PW 80?

lbs) @ 5000 RPM . With this drive-train, the Yamaha PW 80 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of ….

Yamaha PW 80 Dimensions, Aerodynamics and weight
Seat details
Wheelbase 1,055 mm (41.5 inches)
Length 1,540 mm (60.6 inches)
Width 640 mm (25.2 inches)

How fast is a PW 80?

How fast does a 80cc Yamaha dirt bike go? Average speeds on an 80cc dirt bike are 45-50 mph and a lot of riders don’t exceed 35 mph.

Can float height affect idle?

The float height adjustment will mostly affect only part throttle openings.It has a static setting that,when at idle,the float valve will open only very small amounts.At WOT (Wide-Open-Throttle) the float will be at its lowest for full fuel flow,so the height adjustment will not affect WOT.

What happens if float height is too high?

In an extreme case, if the floats are set too high, fuel will overflow via drillings inside the carb body. In addition, fuel may flow into the engine unrestricted, which, if the engine is not running, can cause hydraulic lock – that is, as the piston rises on the compression stroke it cannot compress the fuel.

Why did I change the oil ratio on my Yamaha PW80?

I was messing a little with the the carb settings screws because when you gunned it or it landed off a small pee wee hill it would stall (rich or lean)? Also, my 10 yr old saw me doing this and took the liberty of adjusting all 3 of the screws himself!!!!

Can a Yamaha PW80 be jetted from the factory?

The PW80 is jetted rich from the factory, my guess is your noticing this as there’s a high RPM burble. You can either open the exhaust and air box, or you can put a smaller main jet in, IIRC, 120, but might be 125. However, don’t go running out to your local Yamaha and buy a new main jet.

What should my float level be on my Yamaha?

The tolerance for your float level is usually around +/- 0.50mm. When setting the float level be aware that the spring loaded bumper on the fuel inlet needle valve may have a tendency to compress under the weight of the float assembly which will skew your measurement.

How to start a jetting PW80 Peewee thumpertalk?

Set your float so that fuel fills the bowl but doesn’t overflow out the tube. Reinstall carb. APPLY CLEAN FUEL. Now Start it so it will run. WARM IT UP. Even increase the idle screw so that it’ll run. Then adjust the mixture screw until the revs peak. Then lower the idle screw back down so that it just sounds good.