What kind of bus is the International 3800?

What kind of bus is the International 3800?

The International 3800 is a Type C (conventional) bus chassis that was manufactured by Navistar International for school bus and commercial bus applications. It was produced from 1989 until 2004.

How many miles does an International DT466 engine have?

Engine Design The DT466 is a turbocharged diesel. There are six versions of the International DT466 engine as of 2010. According to Brattain, International represents that the B10 life of the engine, or the point where 90% of DT466 engines are still running, is 300,000 miles.

When did the international school bus 3700 come out?

From 1989 to 1994, International offered two versions of its conventional school bus chassis as it had with the S-Series. The 3700 was the lighter-duty model of the lineup; only minor differences in powertrain and weight ratings differentiated it from the 3800. The 3700 only was produced with the 7.3 engine. After 1994, the 3700 was dropped.

When did the International 3800 chassis End production?

In 2004, the International 3800 ended production, replaced by the International 3300 (a cowled-chassis version of the International 4300/DuraStar ). In production for over 25 years, the S-series bus chassis was the longest-lived model line ever produced by International and the final Navistar product line developed by International Harvester.

When did Navistar stop making the International 3800?

The 3800 was discontinued by Navistar in 2004, after outliving the International 4000-Series by three years; it marked the end of the International Harvester S-Series, introduced a quarter-century earlier. When the 3800 was replaced in 2005, the school bus industry had changed from its introduction.

When did the International 3800 get a hood badge?

For 1992, it received a redesigned instrument panel with larger gauges. In 1995, along with all other International medium-duty trucks, the 3800 received chrome hood badges denoting the model series and its engine type; the grille badging changed from red to chrome.

When did the International 3700 school bus come out?

From 1989 to 1994, International offered two versions of its conventional school bus chassis (as it had with the S series). The 3700 was the lighter-GVWR model of the lineup, derived from the International 4700.

When did the Navistar 3800 school bus come out?

In 1989, Navistar redesigned the S-Series medium-duty conventionals for the first time since 1979; the medium-duty trucks were renamed the 4000 Series. The 3800 (and lighter-duty 3700) were introduced in 1989 and sold alongside the S-Series school bus chassis until it ended production.