What should I look for in a Volvo 940?

What should I look for in a Volvo 940?

In case of a 940 Turbo (with or without intercooler), HPT (high pressure turbo) or LPT (low pressure turbo): be sure the car doesn’t consume any oil. During a testdrive use the turbo several times and check if you don’t see any black or white smoke in your mirror.

Why does my Volvo 940 have blue smoke?

If it’s gray there is no problem, blue smoke from the exhaust means the pistons are worn out, water in the engine (due a broken head gasket) or the car consumes too much oil and black gasses means the engine or carburator isn’t adjusted well. My old ’97 Volvo 940 with B230 LPT (low pressure turbo) engine.

Is the Volvo 940 960 based on the 760?

That’s not weird, because the 900-series is based on the Volvo 740 and 760! In fact: only the back of the 940/960 was changed and the rest is the same, except the 6-cilinder petrol engines and the 1994-facelift of the 960. All common issues and problems of the Volvo 940, 960, S90 and V90 are included in this buyers guide.

Is there rust on bottom of Volvo 940?

And unfortunately there are some models of the 960 which didn’t get the right galvanize treatment, resulting in some rust at the bottom of the car. A 940 is very reliable and doesn’t have rust at all, unless it was repaired badly or drove in an area where a lot of salt was used.

When did the Volvo 940 GLE come out?

Production of the 940 series extended from 1990 to 5 February 1998. In the United States, the 1991 940 was offered in three versions: the 940 GLE used a DOHC 16-valve version of the 2.3-litre engine (B234) with a 6000 rpm redline.

Are there any problems with a Volvo 900?

Most people wants a car with a low mileage. A broken odometer and tripmeter is a very common problem on a Volvo 700- and 900-series car. Some people replaces it with a second-hand instrument cluster, which means the mileage of the car changes.

Where is the shift knob on an rwd-940?

Move the shift lever to the “2nd gear” position. Grip the shifter knob with both hands and pull upwards. It will release suddenly. Protruding from the gear selector housing, you will see a square steel shaft, with a plastic rod inside of it. Nothing need be done with these: There is no link between the plastic rod and the button.