When should you seek a second medical opinion?

When should you seek a second medical opinion?

“Patients should seek another opinion if they feel uncomfortable with their initial team, if they have a rare cancer that another doctor may have more expertise with, or if they are confused about their diagnosis or treatment options,” she says.

Why is it good to get a second opinion?

A second opinion can help you decide which treatment is most appropriate for your particular situation. It’s important to make sure that any second (or third) opinion you seek is from a physician who has broad experience and expertise treating the condition that you’ve been diagnosed with.

Is the positive cable on my new Starter brand new?

The new starter is in. And the positive cable is brand new as well and all other cables are tight and clean. There was a build up of corrosion on the positive terminal and cable so we replaced the cable and cleaned the terminal.

What happens when you put a new battery in a car?

The next day it started okay, but later that night It would not start at all it just did rapid clicking noises. We put a new battery in it and it still would not start it just clicked once and then nothing. We replaced the starter and try starting it and it still just clicks once and does not start.

Why does my car not start with a new starter?

It is not a battery issue since it is fully charged and brand new. The car would not start after the new battery was put in and the starter was put on. How does this affect a alternator? My old battery was six years old and junk, so we replaced it and boom all of a sudden now the car will not start. And will not start with a new starter either.

What does it mean when your car battery is not recharging?

If the voltage stays around 12.6 volts or less, the alternator is not recharging the battery. At most you will get about an hour of driving time before the battery runs out, and less if the heater fan, head lights, radio, or other accessories are on. If the voltage is within that acceptable range, that just means the alternator is doing something.