When was Rimbaud born?

When was Rimbaud born?

October 20, 1854
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Arthur Rimbaud, in full Jean Nicolas Arthur Rimbaud, (born October 20, 1854, Charleville, France—died November 10, 1891, Marseille), French poet and adventurer who won renown in the Symbolist movement and markedly influenced modern poetry.

What is the nationality of Rimbaud?

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On October 20, 1853, Arthur Rimbaud is born in Charleville, France. His father, an army officer, deserted the family when Rimbaud was six. Rimbaud was a brilliant student, and his first poem was published in a French review when he was 16.

Where was Arthur Rimbaud from?

Charleville-Mézières, France
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When did Arthur Rimbaud write the poem Voyelles?

“Voyelles” or “Vowels” is a sonnet in alexandrines by Arthur Rimbaud, written in 1871 but first published in 1883. Its theme is the different characters of the vowels, which it associates with those of colours. It has become one of the most studied poems in the French language, provoking very diverse interpretations.

What was the personality of Arthur Rimbaud’s wife?

Her personality was the “exact opposite” of Captain Rimbaud’s; she was reportedly narrowminded, “stingy and completely lacking in a sense of humour”. When Charles Houin, an early biographer, interviewed her, he found her “withdrawn, stubborn and taciturn”.

What did Arthur Rimbaud mean by the Drunken Boat?

Rimbaud expounded the same ideas in his poem “Le bateau ivre” (“The Drunken Boat”). This hundred-line poem tells the tale of a boat that breaks free of human society when its handlers are killed by “Redskins” (Peaux-Rouges).

When did Arthur Rimbaud and Vitalie Cuif get married?

Nevertheless, on 8 February 1853, Captain Rimbaud and Vitalie Cuif married; their first-born, Jean Nicolas Frédéric (“Frédéric”), arrived nine months later on 2 November. The next year, on 20 October 1854, Jean Nicolas Arthur (“Arthur”) was born.