Where are the brake pads on a VW Jetta?

Where are the brake pads on a VW Jetta?

Spin off the 5 lug bolts in the counter clockwise direction and set them aside in a safe place. Pull off the wheel to reveal the brake rotor, caliper, bracket and rear suspension. The brake caliper is held in place to the bracket by two bolts on the rear edge facing towards the center of the vehicle.

Where is the bleeder valve on a VW Jetta?

The brake fluid bleeder valve is located underneath a rubber cap on the back side of the caliper near the upper caliper bolt. Check the level in the brake fluid reservoir and if necessary, add some new DOT 4 fluid to bring it up to the correct level.

What to use to turn back rear brake pads?

(Please verify the correct parts for your Jetta before buying new pads.) In order to turn back the “screw-in” type rear caliper pistons, it would be best to use a special tool such as the Lisle # 28600 “cube” which attaches to an extension bar and 3/8″ drive ratcheting wrench.

Where can I get new disc brake pads?

Other compatible tools include the Metalnerd Brake Reset Tool # 3272 and the Schwaben 11 Piece Kit # PBK-11PCS. You could also borrow or rent a disc brake piston tool at an auto parts store such as Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Napa, and Advance Auto Parts.

How do you change the rotor on a Jetta Golf?

With your rubber mallet tap the top of the caliper at a downward angle till you can remove it from the rotor. It also helps to hit the rotor a few times so you can loosen it from the hub and move it around. Rest your caliper on something high so it does not pull on your brake line. I’m using my tire cause it’s crappy.

Can you change front brake pads on a VW Mk4?

If you have ever done front brakes on a VW MK4 before you know it’s a hellish job having to take the caliper carrier off to get to the rotor. But to my surprise, there is no caliper carrier on the 2.0L and changing out the brake pads, and rotors only takes a small effort.