Where are the timing marks on a Volvo S40?

Where are the timing marks on a Volvo S40?

An expert who has achieved level 1. An expert that got 5 achievements. An expert whose answer got voted for 20 times. An expert who has answered 20 questions. There are marks on the crank pulley and cam gears. Cam gears should align upwards with the marks on the top timing cover.

Are there any problems with the Volvo S40?

The Volvo S40 has notorious problems with the seat designs, and the only remedy is going to be replacing them with one of our newer ones. The key feels loose or wobbly when in the ignition.

Why are the seats on my Volvo S40 creaking?

The seats in the front of the S40 creak excessively when you sit on them. Most mechanics will assume that this is a problem with the runners, but the real issue is going to be internal damage on the seats themselves.

Why does my Volvo S40 T5 have a bumpy drive?

The drive is not smooth or stable. Primarily affecting the S40 T5, a bumpy drive is almost always going to be caused by wear and tear on the rear bushes on the front suspension. Those bushes don’t last very long and should be replaced with a newer type from us that is made from polystyrene and will last a lot longer.

How do you set timing on a Volvo VVT?

1) Set timing to marks, remove belt, remove pulley, remove VVT center nut, replace camshaft seal. 2) install VVT with the pulley turned full-COUNTER CLOCKWISE (bolts far right in oval). Timing mark 1 tooth before timing cover. 3) Tighten VVT 120Nm. 4) Turn the pulley so that the timing mark aligns with timing cover (1 tooth) CLOCKWISE.

Do you need the Volvo Cam setting tool?

If you are pulling the VVT gear off, you will need to be sure the cam doesn’t move, and that requires the Volvo cam setting tool. Otherwise, you cam could be about anywhere and you’ll get a CEL because you are at least a tooth off of where you should be.

What to do if your CVVT hub isn’t set correctly?

If you are, and the hub isn’t setup correctly, no worries. Forget everything you read in the VADIS/VIDA, the directions are bullshit, simply put. Lock the cams in place and make sure the crank shaft marks are correct. Line up the intake cam to the timing cover, then rotate the CVVT hub clockwise to see where your current timing marks align.

What kind of exhaust cam gear does a Volvo 5 cylinder have?

Volvo 5 cylinder Cars With VVT… Exhaust Cam Gear V40 and S40 (2004+) owners rejoice! Help and advice is here for you while you’re working on your Volvo’s timing belt. This is also applicable to 2000s Volvo 5-cylinder cars with VVT… variable valve timing.

What kind of gear does a Volvo S40 use?

So there’s the video with the covers off. This is actually after the repair and you can see that gear that I’m focusing on, the one on the left, it’s sort of more silvery coloured, that’s the gear that we replaced. It has all the variable valve timing components.

Where is the timing tool in a Volvo?

Further there is a tool in my ebay-purchased Volvo timing tool kit but I don’t use it, a stubby bolt of sorts, that you push through a port in the crankcase at the left / driver (US) side- that fits into a notch in the flywheel locking the crank at TDC.

What are the alignment actions in a Volvo?

Those 3 alignment actions- locking the intake cam, locking the exhaust cam and aligning the crank to TDC mark, make for a successfully timed engine.

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