Where is Decoy Bride filmed?

Where is Decoy Bride filmed?

Filming began on 27 June on the Isle of Man, before moving to Scotland. Filming ended on 31 July 2010. Many of the outdoor scenes were filmed on the Isle of Man while other scenes were filmed in Glasgow and at the Caerlaverock Castle in Dumfries and by Loch Fyne in Argyll.

Is Hegg a real place?

The island of Hegg is a fictional island in the outer hebrides.

When was decoy bride made?

The Decoy Bride/Initial release

How does The Decoy Bride end?

As the ending unfolds, we learn that James and Lara ended up not getting married when they realized that they really weren’t right for each other. Katie’s guidebook to Hegg has taken off, a second edition is being published and she is suddenly in demand as a writer.

Who plays Ravenclaw ghost?

Born Helena Ravenclaw, she was a witch and daughter of one of Hogwarts’ founders, Rowena Ravenclaw. Helena turned into the ghost known as the Grey Lady after she was brutally murdered by the Bloody Baron. The character was portrayed by actress Kelly MacDonald in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

Where was Hegg filmed?

The film is to shoot in June, partly in Scotland and partly on the Isle of Man. Mr Rae said Scottish locations include castles in Dumfries and the coast around Inverary. “It’s inspired by big Hollywood-style weddings in Scotland like Madonna’s,” he said.

Who owns the Isle of Eigg?

Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust
The island is owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust who have managed it on behalf of the community since the community buyout of 1997. The Trust has responsibility for stewardship of the island, its buildings and natural heritage, and for supporting future development.

Where are eggs Scotland?

Eigg (/ɛɡ/; Scottish Gaelic: Eige; Scots: Eigg) is one of the Small Isles in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It lies to the south of the Isle of Skye and to the north of the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

Where can I watch The Decoy Bride UK?

David Tennant’s 2011 romantic comedy, The Decoy Bride, is now available to stream on Amazon Prime in the UK.

Is Kelly Macdonald still married?

Personal life. In August 2003, Macdonald married musician Dougie Payne, bassist of soft rock band Travis. They have two sons and moved back to their home town of Glasgow in 2014, after living in London and New York City. They separated in 2017.

How old is Kelly Macdonald?

45 years (February 23, 1976)
Kelly Macdonald/Age

Where does the movie The Decoy Bride take place?

The Decoy Bride. Jump to navigation Jump to search. 2011 film by Sheree Folkson. The Decoy Bride is a 2011 British romantic comedy film written by comedian Sally Phillips and Neil Jaworski, and starring David Tennant, Alice Eve and Kelly Macdonald and set on the fictional island of Hegg, supposedly located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Who is the unmarried woman in the Decoy Bride?

Katie, an island native and the only unmarried woman on it, has been unlucky in love. She’s working on writing her own guide to Hegg Island when Steve and crew arrive, eventually hiring her as a reluctant decoy bride to distract the paparazzi.

Who was Lara Tyler married to in the Decoy Bride?

American movie star Lara Tyler is hounded by the press as she prepares to wed English author James Arber. Despite the efforts of Lara’s managers Steve and Emma, the secret wedding is interrupted by paparazzo Marco Ballani, who is determined to photograph the “wedding of the decade”.