Who got knighted in NZ 2020?

Who got knighted in NZ 2020?

Knight Companion (KNZM) Robert George Martin MNZM – of Whanganui. For services to people with disabilities. The Honourable Joseph Victor Williams – of Wellington. For services to the judiciary.

How do you nominate someone for a New Zealand Honour?

How do I nominate someone for a New Zealand Royal Honour? You must complete a nomination form and send it to the Honours Unit, Cabinet Office, in the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

What do the New Year’s Honours mean?

The New Year Honours is a part of the British honours system, with New Year’s Day, 1 January, being marked by naming new members of orders of chivalry and recipients of other official honours. A number of other Commonwealth realms also mark this day in this way.

What is a royal Honour?

Recipients collect their awards from The Queen or another Member of the Royal Family at an Investiture ceremony. Most honours are awarded on the advice of the Cabinet Office, and anybody can make a recommendation if they know someone they believe to be worthy (see ‘Honours nomination’).

Does New Zealand still have knighthoods?

In 1987, the Order of New Zealand was instituted as the supreme New Zealand honour. In 1996, Robin Cooke, a New Zealand judge, was awarded a life peerage. In 2000, Prime Minister Helen Clark announced that no further awards of knighthoods and damehoods would be made in the New Zealand Honours system.

What is NZ highest Honour?

The Order of New Zealand
The Order of New Zealand is the highest honour in New Zealand’s royal honours system, created “to recognise outstanding service to the Crown and people of New Zealand in a civil or military capacity”….

Order of New Zealand
Sovereign Queen Elizabeth II
Grades Member (ONZ)
First induction 6 February 1987

Who decides Honours list?

Honours are decided and announced by the Cabinet Office twice a year: at New Year and on The Queen’s official birthday in June. They are then presented to recipients by members of the Royal Family throughout the year at ceremonies known as ‘Investitures’.

Can a New Zealander be knighted?

History. Since the beginning of settlement in the mid nineteenth century, British honours were awarded in New Zealand. In 1848, Governor George Grey received the first honour granted to a New Zealand resident, becoming a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath.

Which Honour is the highest?

CBE is the highest ranking Order of the British Empire award, followed by OBE and then MBE. They are given to people to recognise a positive impact they have made in their work.