Why are my 4 wheel drive lights not working?

Why are my 4 wheel drive lights not working?

The 2HI lights flash a few times and simply goes back to 4HI. It will not go into 4LO either. I tried warming the transfer case area and motors with a heat gun, no luck, Pulled the fuses as suggested above, no luck. Went back out after luch and now the lights on the selector are dead; fuses was blown.

Why are there no lights on my GMC Jimmy?

The drivers door open sensor was broken out of the dash below the fuse panel and I pulled the broken assembly out and got interior lights… and the lights on my 4×4 selector came on for a minute and went back off. The other problem I was having was the plastic tab on the back wasn’t holding the wire securely to the 4×4 switch.

How does a 4 wheel drive light work?

It accomplishes this by means of a small electric motor bolted onto the transfer case that shifts a pin in place to lock the center transfer differential. The actuator allows you to shift from 2WD to 4WD on the fly and back to 2WD without stopping and can be engaged and disengaged by means of a switch inside the cabin, usually on the dashboard.

Why did my 1999 Tahoe Suburban not shift?

Referring to my previous messages, you may recall that on my 1999 Tahoe, the ATC fuse blew twice. This fuse evidently protects the so-called “encoder motor” that shifts the transfer case from 2 Hi to 4Hi, etc. I concluded that the failure to shift was the fault of this shift motor.

What are the 4 wheel drive indicator lights on a Tahoe?

One day while attempting to shift into 4wd high from 2wd, all lights went out on the 2wd-4wd-4wd low swith and the “Service 4wd” light came on. I had a ’99 Tahoe that did this once and replcing the fuse worked.

Why does the 4 wheel drive light stop flashing?

The transfer case neutral position needs to be selected before you attempt to engage 4WD. The selected position indicator light will flash until the transfer case completes the shift. When the shift is complete, the indicator light for the selected position will stop flashing and remain ON.

Why does my 4 wheel drive not engage?

The transfer case could pose another reason why your 4 wheel drive fails to engage. This could be due to the vehicle not coming to a complete stop to allow it to engage. This is because the splined pin and gears of the actuator need to align 100% with the gears inside the transfer case.

Is there fuse for 4 wheel drive Chevy Suburban?

Thanks. I own a 2003 Chevy suburban and have the same problem with the 4wd and I found out that in times you need to get it working you can pull the fuse (“TREC” all wheel drive module) from under the hood and wait 15 seconds and install it again. This is the fuse for the all wheel drive module.

You never indicated that the vehicle actually failed to function as a 4wd when the lights did not go on. If it did, it again, is a position switch problem. If it did not, the actuators ( there may be two, transfer case and front differential) could be a problem. This often occurs from lack of service And/or lack of use.

Why is my DTC 4WD light not working?

Some people say they have an intermittent illumination of the Service 4WD light. Upon inspection the technician may find DTC C0374 set. The customers may also say they have an intermittent erratic operation of the 4WD. You may notice the problem may occur on rough road or when wet conditions are present.

Why does the service 4WD light come on?

When the Service 4WD indicator lights up it’s telling us there’s a problem related to the Transfer Case Shift Control Module, the appropriate Diagnostic Trouble Code has been stored in the control module’s memory, and it’s gonna shutdown 4×4 operation to prevent additional damage.

What happens when the 4 wheel drive comes on?

When the light is on, the truck won’t engage into 4-wheel drive. When I turn my truck off and start it again, the 4-wheel drive will work until the next time the light comes on.