Why did Teespring disable my account?

Why did Teespring disable my account?

Your listing could have been delisted for violation of our Priority Policy. This policy protects all of our users from having others copy their designs. If we found that your listing was copying another listing that was launched before yours, your listing would have been deactivated.

What does suspended mean in Teespring?

Sellers who violate design regulations may have their account or listings suspended, so it’s important to understand trademark and copyright laws as well as how to avoid copying other seller’s designs.

Can you change your Teespring name?

How do I change it? Go to your dashboard, select Storefronts and click Edit on your desired storefront. Click that and you can change the color and/or font of your storefront title.

How do you relaunch on Teespring?

If you want to update the length and duration of current campaigns just go to their settings section in your Teespring Dashboard. In the “Lifecycle” section of the campaign select “Continuous relaunch” and make sure to choose the 3 day duration.

Can you get copyrighted on Teespring?

The registration process is easier than you think and you may be able to obtain enhanced legal protection for your artwork! In addition, a valid copyright registration will entitle you to Design Guard protection for your Teespring listings.

Why did Teespring change its name?

The new name and URL is meant to connote the temperate season known for growth, while also representing a launching pad and connective mechanic device for any given creator’s business. And the idea of growth for Spring is not ill-timed.

How do you delete items on Teespring?

It is not possible to completely delete a listing, however, you can remove it from being visible on teespring.com by doing the following: Make your listing private. Disable marketing. End your listing’s print cycle (make sure it won’t relaunch too)

How do I change my listing on Teespring?

Navigate to the ‘Listings’ section of your Teespring account, select the ‘edit’ icon, then click ‘edit or add designs’ to get started. You can apply your design changes to your chosen product or alternatively, toggle the bulk edit option to apply your design changes to all products on the listing.

How do I change my PayPal account on Teespring?

Whenever you want to change it, all you need to do is update the PayPal email within your account settings and complete the verification process again. Your Payoneer ID (once verified) cannot be modified. Please contact Seller Support ([email protected]) if you need to change your Payoneer ID.