Why does my GMC Envoy go off at night?

Why does my GMC Envoy go off at night?

I have a 2004 Envoy SLT and three times in the past year the headlights have gone off at night while driving. The manual switch will not turn them on. Only the emergency flashers will work.

What should I do about my GMC Envoy headlight problem?

Anybody know of a cheaper solution, wether it be convert the HID HEADLIGHTS to STANDARD HEADLIGHTS., etc. Sure could use some HELP with this!!! $1300 seems way overboard. You can get a replacement bulb far cheaper than that at an auto parts store. What exactly did they do for $1300?

What kind of headlights go out with no warning?

Especially headlights that flicker and often go out with no warning and then come back on with no warning. I own a 2005 GMC Envoy, so I’ve noticed this problem too, the headlights have flickered and okay no big deal but then Monday night as I drove home the head lights went out.

Are there only two relays for the headlight control?

There are only two relays for the headlight control. There may be a problem with the headlight switch malfunctioning. Check to see how long you have the auto shut off timer set to, as it could be set for longer than before.

Why are my GMC Envoy head lights dimming?

I have a 2004 envoy xuv and i have noticed that when i use the power windows my volts gauge goes down slightly and my dash lights as well as my headlights dim a little. i tested the battery and i replaced it and then i tested the alternator and it is putting out 14.45 volts. what else can it be? please help!

How much does it cost to replace a GMC Envoy headlight?

I have a 1999 GMC Envoy with HID low beam headlights. One of the headlights went out and I was quoted the following “replace the Igniter which costs $657.00 per side and also the Ballast which costs $616.00 per side. Or you could do the Headlamp Assembly which is around $1,000 per side.