Why is the gearstick on my Mercedes not working?

Why is the gearstick on my Mercedes not working?

Have drove 50 miles since this and all is well could the gearoil temperature been a cause if it wasnt up to temp?i have a few months warranty on the car so if it is something serious it will show itself soon hopefully. >>and or the gearstick wouldnt be as smooth as it is?

When do Mercedes Benz motor mounts start to loose fluid?

CAUTION: Make sure no one is standing on the front or back of the car when you perform this test. Mercedes-Benz motor mounts are fluid filled instead of rubber mounts that are used on most cars. Mercedes-Benz the engine mounts start to loose fluid around the 100k mile mark.

Why does my Mercedes Benz W203 gearbox stop working?

You can be sure it’s something as simple as the ‘box just ‘protecting’ itself in some way from too fierce usgae or something well serious. It could be symptom of imminent demise; after all, it either ‘decided’ to disengage for health reasons, or something’s breaking.

What are the most common problems with Mercedes Benz cars?

8 Most Common Mercedes-Benz Problems 1 Rust. Rust behind license plate / trunk area. 2 Engine Mounts. Engine mounts on Mercedes-Benz cars are oil filled. 3 Suspension & Steering Components. Ball joint / front control arm. 4 Window Regulators. Broken window regulator on Mercedes C-Class. 5 AirMatic Components. …

Are there any problems with a Mercedes CLK?

Repairs are costly and many used CLK’s have devalued to a point where buying one could be the same as repairing the a/c unit (which will go out, guaranteed.) As much trouble as the car has given me, from inoperable convertible top to faulty fiber optics in the entertainment components, the engine and transmission have never had a single fault.

Is the 2004 Mercedes Benz CLK55 AMG convertible for sale?

None for sale nearby. Instead: 2004 CLK55 AMG Convertible, Fun! This is luxury and fun all in one. Its too bad a car this wonderful to drive should be so expensive when new, because it really brings out the kid in me. This CLK55 AMG, a Convertible that has a naturally aspirated power plant.

What happens when catalytic converter is clogged in Mercedes?

If your catalytic converter is clogged you will notice a drastic drop in fuel efficiency and real struggle getting your Mercedes to accelerate. If the cat is completely clogged your car won’t even start.

How many miles does a Mercedes spark plug last?

They are wear and tear items. Standard copper spark plugs last up to 30k miles while iridium and platinum spark plugs can last over 60,000 miles. If your Mercedes-Benz has over 80,000 miles and still has the original spark plugs, it makes sense to change the spark plugs before you pour money on any other repair.