Why is there a shift to Park message on my GMC Acadia?

Why is there a shift to Park message on my GMC Acadia?

Plaintiff Marlaina A. Napoli-Bosse says she leased a new 2017 GMC Acadia, but in July 2018 the SUV showed a shift to PARK message as she attempted to shut off the vehicle. The plaintiff says the message shouldn’t have been there because the SUV’s shift lever was in PARK, yet she couldn’t shut off the vehicle.

Why does my GM shift to Park not work?

In addition to losing the ability to shut off and lock the SUVs, owners claim they must resort to all kinds of theatrics to get the SUVs to recognize they are in PARK. Drivers also say the batteries drain and GM has no clue how to fix the issues.

Why is coolant leaking from my GMC?

Shift to Park Warning Message – GMC Problems Leaking coolant from a cracked intake manifold gasket is an extremely common problem on most GM vehicles made from the late 90s to the mid-2000s. Most experts agree that the problem stems from GM’s ‘DexCool’ coolant which erodes away at the intake manifold gasket

Is there a problem with my GMC Yukon?

I Called the GMC dealer that I take it to for service and they said to jump it or tow it in. After jumping it, it started right up as if nothing was wrong. After checking it out, the service department said that they could not find anything wrong. The same thing happened again night before last, and it is now back at the dealer.

How often does my GMC Truck turn over?

So far this has been the case pretty much every time i am starting the truck cold. I’ll try to start it and it will turn over for about 3-4 seconds (have tried a bit longer, still no go) then i’ll stop and try to start it again, and the second time it fires right up.

What to do when your GMC Truck won’t start?

Try turning your key to the run position a few times (with out starting). Then try to start it. If it starts, sounds like what mine did. I replaced the fuel pump assembly and that fixed the problems. Very common problem.

Can a Silverado run without the ignition switch?

Silverado stayed running without the key in the ignition switch Hopefully someone can help me out here? I have a 2008 silverado crew cab which i am recently having problems with.

Why does my Silverado keep running without the key?

SILVERADO3 ill take a look i really dont like to mess wit the truck being that that seem to be like an electrical problem dont want to mess anything up more than what already is but doesnt hurt to try thanks ill let you know what i come up with.