Why use a bivvy instead of a tent?

Why use a bivvy instead of a tent?

Function. A bivy sack is the most basic form of shelter, whether used as a simple throw-down-and-climb-in bed for the odd night, as a super-light option on extended trips, or a useful emergency back-up to have in your bag in case you face an unexpected night out.

Is a bivy a tent?

Space & Comfort – unlike a tent where you can sit up, get changed, cook, store your kit and generally stretch out a bivy is simply a confined shelter. Once you are in a bivy it is difficult to do anything more than lie Add to this your pack and the majority of your things will have to stay outside too.

What is a sleeping bag bivy?

A bivy—short for “bivouac sack”—is as simple as a shelter gets. It’s essentially a rain jacket for your sleeping bag, sleeping pad and you. With packed weights of a pound or so, these scant shelters are great insurance policies against a bad (or unplanned) night out.

Can you suffocate in a bivy sack?

A good bivvy bag should be designed such that suffocation is not an issue. However, breathing into a bivvy bag is a terrible idea because the vapour in your breath will condense and make you wet.

Are bivy sacks worth it?

The ultra-compact nature of bivies makes them a valuable assets when shedding weight. Some stuff down to the size of a burrito (the food kind), disappearing in bikepacking bags and small alpine packs. With a smaller pack you can cover more miles and more easily traverse through technical terrain.

Do I need a tarp with a bivy?

You don’t have to use a tarp with your bivy bag, but you’ll probably sleep a lot better if you do. The tarp will offer a little more protection from the weather, and it can also give you a bit more privacy.

What kind of bag is Dutch hooped Bivi?

Dutch Hooped Bivi Bag. Hooped camouflage bivi bag from the Dutch Armed Forces. Constructed from waterproof and breathable ‘Air Permeable Laminate’ fabric (similar to Gore Tex). ‘L’ shaped opening which fastens with two separate zips and a number of press-studs. Grade one items are in good used condition with only light to moderate signs of use.

Is the Dutch army genuine issue bivvy bag heavy?

Because of its bulky nature, the Dutch army Genuine Issue DPM bivvy bag is quite heavy when compared to regular bivvy bags. Bivvy bags give you the opportunity to camp outdoors for a night or two without having to bother about packing a tent.

Where does the hoop go on a bivvy bag?

The hoop is for the head end of the bag which has ample room for a large adult and their kit. The ‘L’ shaped access allows the user to easily get into the bivvy bag and once inside secure themselves in with a mosquito net and storm flap.

Can you use a bivvy bag with a sleeping bag?

The bivvy bag is versatile, and so, you can decide to use only the sleeping bag in warm weather or combine both the sleeping bag and the outer bivvy bag in cold weather. Because of its bulky nature, the Dutch army Genuine Issue DPM bivvy bag is quite heavy when compared to regular bivvy bags.