5 TV shows you need to binge-watch today

Critically acclaimed TV series has experienced a renaissance in recent years, with many new platforms emerging to compete for viewership in OTT streaming spaces.

Consumers have benefited from low-cost subscriptions and a wide variety of on-demand content worth enjoying. In a way, there has never been a better time to be a TV viewer.

However, sometimes it seems that with this stream of innovation, consumers are not getting all the benefits that the OTT era promised.

There is too much fragmentation and friction in the media landscape.

The problem is that major entertainment providers are trying to create their own walled gardens – their own proprietary platforms and interfaces. Even if these trends continue, they will lead to additional platform benefits for large companies, but ultimately less choice and higher prices for consumers. The silver lining is that in this age of the internet, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are offering their own cable features as well. For example, Cox offers a wide range of channel line-ups at feasible rates, and their Cox cable bill pay option makes it easier to pay automatically through any source.

Regardless of your choice of the streaming platform, we put together a list of shows you must watch soon.

1.    Wednesday

Netflix’s hit new Wednesday series, Tim Burton’s The Addams Family spin-off dedicated to the daughter of the same name, has set the record for the most hours watched in a week for an English-language series on a streamer.

After being expelled from high school, 15-year-old Wednesday Addams is sent to her parents’ former school, Nevermore Academy. Although this is a special provision for “procrastinators”, the Sociopathic Environment does not fit into it. There is also someone trying to kill her.

The show starts with an outcast and ends with a pariah who actually makes friends and finds a home with other like-minded people from the community.

2.    Welcome to Chippendales

Hulu’s “Welcome to Chippendales” continues to evoke ’80s nostalgia by offering TV shows based on real people and events.

It’s part true crime, part biopic, part male stripping and cheesy dance routines, and 100% pure guilty pleasure.

The limited series tells the incredible, too-crazy-to-be-true, story of Somen “Steve” Banerjee, an Indian immigrant who founded the world’s largest striptease empire, Chippendales.

There is an interesting detective story entangled in the history of Chippendale. It’s something that I won’t spoil as it’s the focus of this series, but it’s about Steve’s greed and gluttony, his inability to coexist with the competition.

3.    House of Dragons

You remember that this show is about the legendary civil war that almost tore Westeros apart.

But we didn’t see that until the end of the first season. If the legendary Game of Thrones episode “Dance of the Dragons” was World War I, then we’ve just spent 10 hours watching the elimination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

In other words, this series turned out to be a prequel to a prequel, which in time could turn out to be a prologue to the House of the Dragon.

We got to know the players (some of them were children) and now we know what drives them, whether it’s betrayal, greed, or just creating a writer who loves to write about psychopaths. All ducks line up. And they will be there for a while.

4.    1899

1899 delivers exactly what it says on the tin, offering an amazing puzzle game that will keep viewers guessing until the very last moment as the story twists and turns in unexpected ways.

And while it’s fun enough to find all the clues left by the showrunners in each episode, 1899 also proves that Friese and Beau Odar have a great talent for exploring human tragedy, even if they sometimes keep their secrets about character development space.

The fun of the show isn’t so much in the final reveal as it is in following through with all the little weird details that bring you to this point. Soon you will start to find triangles and pyramids everywhere. It’s very hard to say too much without spoilers, but I can attest that while I’m a connoisseur of puzzle box stories, I still often couldn’t figure out where the show was going, which was refreshing.

5.    Tulsa King

The premise of Tulsa King is a blatant fish-out-of-the-water comedy that follows Dwight Manfredi (Stallone), a former New York mob boss serving a 25-year sentence only to find that he has been murdered and wants no more. He was exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and, in a small positive twist, told to settle there. The funny thing is that Dwight completely agrees with this.

Upon arrival, he pretends to be the star of his own gangster movie, shows off the cash, pays taxi driver Tyson (Jay Will) to work exclusively for him, and, funniest of all, goes to the store. a legal cannabis dispensary to run a protection scam to protect them from the “law”.

Admittedly, there’s some Red State appeal in a guy like Stallone who struggles with the seemingly cosmopolitan nature of life in the 21st century. Dwight is a man who has left not only space, but also time; Having lived in a big house for a quarter of a century, he’s tangled up in smartphone apps, legal weed, and all those damn pronouns.

Wrapping it up

From Netflix’s recent baby Wednesday, to the unprecedented popularity of Tulsa King, we have tried to include the best on the list. Hope you enjoy our picks!