7 Suggestions on How to Edit an MP3 on Mac Computers

The MP3 file is the most commonly used audio file. It reduces the overall file size by using a compression algorithm. Almost every audio playback app can open MP3 files. Editing or trimming such files is much easier today.

If you’re wondering how to edit an MP3 on Mac, then keep reading this article for the best suggestions. In this article, we will discuss some native and professional ways to edit MP3 on Mac. Let’s first discuss the built-in ways to edit MP3 files.


Edit MP3 Using Apple’s Native Apps


Did you know that Apple offers several efficient apps that help edit, trim, and combine MP3 files on Mac? The best thing is that you can use them countless times without any investment.


Some of these apps can also help you convert music from YouTube to MP3 in a few easy steps.


  • Trim MP3 in QuickTime Player


Apple QuickTime comes as the preinstalled app on all macOS versions. Open required audio using this player. Drag a file to the app or click File and Open File. Press Edit and select Trim. Move the yellow trim sliders to start trimming.


Preview the editing by clicking ‘Play’. Again click the yellow trim button. Drag the trimmer timeline to set the time. Finally, click File and then select Export/Save As and select an audio format to save the edited file.


  • Combine MP3 with QuickTime Player


Apple’s proprietary QuickTime Player can help you to edit or combine MP3 files. Hit the File menu and select Open File. Open your MP3 file in the Finder and tap Open. Set in and out points. To retain the audio part, click Edit and ‘Trim to Selection’. To copy and paste, press Command + C and Command + V, respectively.


To combine MP3 files, simply copy the file and open another one in QuickTime. Set ‘in’ point for copied file and then paste it. To save the file, press Command + S’. Give your file a name and location. Click Save.


  • Edit MP3 Using GarageBand


Apple’s native GarageBand is a music creation studio used to trim MP3 files on Mac. To use it, simply open it on your system and select an “Empty Project” panel. Then, pick an MP3 file from the iTunes library. Place your cursor on the section you would like to trim.


When you see that cursor becomes a line with arrows, hit click, hold and drag it for trimming. To listen to the trimmed file, press the ‘Play’ button.


  • Reduce MP3 in iTunes


Launch iTunes and Control + Click the required audio. Choose ‘Get Info’ from the contextual menu and then the Options tab. Now, select Start Time and Stop Time to set when to start and stop the audio. Hit OK.


Choose Advanced from the iTunes menu and then Create AAC Version to save the shortened version. To create and save the shorter edition, choose ‘Convert to MP3’.


Edit MP3 Using Professional Tools

Sometimes the size of MP3 files gets bigger, and importing them to your device becomes too difficult. To solve this problem, it is required to reduce the size so that it does not consume much storage space.


Professional tools convert both audio and video, saving time a lot in conversion. Such tools use advanced encoding and decoding technologies to enhance the conversion speed.


  • Trim MP3 Using Joyoshare VidiKit


Use Joyoshare VidiKit – Video Cutter to trim MP3 files on Mac in high quality. Launch it and run ‘Video Clutter’. Hit ‘Open’ to import the required file. Select the output mode by clicking ‘Format’. Choose ‘High-speed mode’ to quickly trim and convert the required file.


Now, click OK. Then, set the cutting segments (starting and end point) by dragging the handles. Start trimming by hitting Start. JoyoShare VidiKit is one of the most preferred tools as it won’t compromise MP3 quality.


  • Edit MP3 Using UniConverter Online


The UniConverter tool is available on any device. To trim MP3 songs, launch the app and then upload your MP3 audio by clicking the Add button. Or simply drag and drop a file on the trimmer.


Now, set the starting and ending points by dragging the purple trimming handles at the file’s start and endpoint. Then, transcode the file by going to ‘Save To’ and choosing an audio format. Click the Cut button and then ‘Download’ to save a trimmed file.


  • Edit Bulk MP3 Using Audacity


Audacity is a free, open-source audio editing tool that can be freely downloaded from the internet. Run it on your system and open a file by clicking File, and then tap Open. Now, hit the Selection Tool. Place your cursor to reach a certain area.


Click View and Enlarge for confirmation. Trim a file by pressing ‘Cut’. Click ‘Stop’ to stop playing the file and edit it. Audacity Trimmer is a complete editing toolbox that includes options for spectrographic analysis, adding audio effects, and lots more.


The Conclusion


Apple’s built-in apps are cost-free ways to edit MP3 files on Mac, and you can use them efficiently even if you don’t know how to edit an MP3 on Mac using a native application.


You may also use professional tools, but you may have to invest in the paid versions in case the trial editions compromise Mp3 quality.