Can you clear native vegetation?

Can you clear native vegetation?

Clearing of native vegetation on rural land is legislated by the Local Land Services Act 2013 and the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. Clearing of native vegetation in urban areas and land zoned for environmental protection is legislated by the NSW Vegetation SEPP.

Can I clear my land WA?

The Environmental Protection Act 1986 (EP Act) requires that any person clearing native vegetation must hold a permit, unless the clearing is for an exempt purpose. These laws apply to private and public lands throughout Western Australia. If more than five hectares needs to be cleared, a permit must be obtained.

What is native vegetation protection?

Native vegetation: controls erosion through protecting soils and riverbanks. reduces land degradation and salinity. improves water quality and availability. provides habitat for a wealth of unique biodiversity including threatened species.

Can you clear a bush block?

The NSW cabinet agreed on Tuesday to amend the state’s Rural Fires Act to allow the clearing “without onerous approvals”. The state government already allows property owners to clear trees within 10m of a house or other building and shrubs within 50m, to mitigate bushfire risk.

What does exempt clearing mean?

Category 1 – exempt land – native vegetation clearing is allowed without approval from Local Land Services. Category 2 – regulated land – authorisation may be required from Local Land Services for native vegetation clearing.

Can I cut down trees on my property Western Australia?

Do I Need A Permit to Remove a Tree in New South Wales? NSW property owners must obtain a permit from their local council before they remove or lope a tree on their property. Only those living near or next to 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement areas can remove trees without a permit.

Can you clear Bush Blocks?

The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme gives people living near the bush an additional way of being better prepared for bush fires. The scheme allows people in a designated area to: Clear underlying vegetation such as shrubs (but not trees) on their property within 50 metres of a home, without seeking approval.

What is an environmentally sensitive ecosystem?

Environmentally sensitive areas (ESAs) are landscape elements or places which are vital to the long-term maintenance of biological diversity, soil, water or other natural resources both on the site and in a regional context. They include wildlife habitat areas, steep slopes, wetlands, and prime agricultural lands.

What is a native vegetation offset?

Native vegetation or biodiversity offsets describes a mechanism to compensate for the losses of native flora and fauna habitat due to development.