Do you have to mix gas for PW50?

Do you have to mix gas for PW50?

The PW50 is an oil injected two stoke motor. Basically you dont have to mix anything. Just make sure that the oil resevoir behind the front number plate is full at all times. Your gas goes in the plastic tank of course.

Is a Yamaha PW50 2 stroke or 4 stroke?

The two-stroke simplicity helps keep the bike light, and premixing fuel and oil isn’t necessary since it is equipped with an autolube oil injection system…

How fast does a Yamaha PW50 go?

Top Speed: 30 mph (Est.)…Specifications.

Engine Type Air-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
Ground Clearance 4.1 in
Fuel Capacity . 53 gal
Wet Weight 86 lb
Warranty 90 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)

How much oil is in a Yamaha PW50?

Think that was answered a little bit ago… Oil change quantity: 0.30 L (0.32 US qt, 0.26 Imp.qt) Check out this PW50 manual I found on the Yamaha site. LINK not working right… try copy/pasting this:

How to start a cold engine Yamaha PW50?

Remove the mudguard by remov- ing the bolts and washers. 1. Starter (choke) lever “ ” 1. Kickstarter Starting a cold engine requires a richer To start the engine, fold out the kick- air-fuel mixture, which is supplied by starter lever, move it down lightly with…

Is the Yamaha PW50 a good dirt bike for kids?

The PW50 has a very smooth engine and it’s easy for kids to learn to ride on. The bike is fully automatic, so there is no shifting whatsoever for the youth rider and they do not have to pull in a clutch. It has two levers on the handlebars. On the left it’s your rear brake and on the right it’s the front brake.

Is the Oil Injector still working on my PW50?

I just slapped a new cylinder and head on the little bike. Its loading up real bad sputtering a LOT of smoke just like it did previously on old shredded cylinder. The oil injector is attached and still working.