How did the Krummlauf work?

How did the Krummlauf work?

The Krummlauf He modified a standard Lee-Enfield 300 rifle, cutting the stock in half, then connected the two halves with a board and mirror periscope. Beech then horizontally aligned the sights of the rifles, used a string to pull the trigger, allowing it to be fired from within cover.

Who invented the Krummlauf?

One of the earliest examples of this sort of technology was the Krummlauf. Developed by Germany during the latter half of World War II after years of bitter house-to-house fighting, the Krummlauf was attached to the StG-44 assault rifle.

When was the Krummlauf invented?

Actually, development of the Krummlauf began in 1943, when early testing was done to attached a curved 20mm barrel to an 8mm rifle. The idea was to use the curved 20mm section as a sort of trough to redirect the bullets.

Why was the Krummlauf made?

First developed in 1943, the Krummlauf is a curved device that could be clamped onto the barrel of a StG 44 (or Mp-44) rifle. The idea was to let soldiers shoot while safely in cover or while inside of tanks. Having the bullets travel around a bend made them prone to shattering and damaging the barrel in the process.

Could you really curve a bullet?

The bullet cannot deviate its path to such an extent that it makes an ‘S’ curve around an object. In fact, the bullet would be moving so swiftly that the effect is negligible. It is so negligible, in fact, that the strongest force amongst all those acting on the bullet is still gravity!

Is it possible to deflect a bullet with a sword?

Swords are very hard and very strong – and if you’re trying to deflect a bullet rather than stopping it, a strong piece of metal held at an angle should do the trick quite nicely! If the sword is likely to be used for deflecting many bullets then you might want to look into specialised materials and clever metallurgy.

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