How do I download demand tools?

How do I download demand tools?

Install DemandTools: Locate the zip file icon & double click on it….DemandTools Installation

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “DemandTools” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click Downloads & Trials.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Choose “Save File”.
  6. Save the zip file to an easily accessible place, like your Desktop.

What is Dupeblocker in Salesforce?

Dupeblocker Salesforce is a solution that is used by several organizations all over the world. It is used for real time duplication. It works with large databases. It is usually installed directly by the Salesforce organization. It will make it for uses to get duplicates of records that are already in the database.

How do I deduplicate data in Salesforce?

In the first phase of a deduplication project, you focus on your data requirements alone.

  1. List all objects that need deduplicating. Make a list of all objects that need to be deduplicated.
  2. List relevant fields for each object.
  3. Indicate matching method for all fields.
  4. List words to ignore.

How much does DemandTools cost?

Starting at $10 USD per Salesforce license per month. Larger organizations can purchase DemandTools by contacting our Sales team.

What is Apsona for Salesforce?

Apsona for Salesforce is an app available on the AppExchange. It is a supplement to your existing Salesforce that significantly expands your ability to work with your Salesforce data. The Apsona base product is free for nonprofits.

What is demand tool?

Demand Tools is a suite of 10+ individual data quality modules to control, standardize, de-duplicate, import and generally manipulate Salesforce and/or data. Demand Tools are a client-based application that Salesforce administrators install on their Microsoft Windows computer.

What are duplicate rules Salesforce?

A duplicate rule defines what happens when a user views a record with duplicates or starts creating a duplicate record. Salesforce provides standard duplicate rules for business and person accounts, contacts, and leads. You can also create duplicate rules.

What is Deduping in Salesforce?

Deduplication and matching rules are what determines if there’s a potential duplicate record and creates a duplicate alert on the record you’re viewing. Besides native options in Salesforce and several tools to help you dedupe your Salesforce instance on the AppExchange, your organization will need to make changes.

What is conga for Salesforce?

Conga helps you create customised client documents and reports drawing on data already in your Salesforce® platform. Conga Composer is an add-on application which pulls data from your Salesforce platform to help you quickly, easily and consistently prepare customised client documentation in your preferred format.

How do I use Apsona in Salesforce?

To install Apsona for Salesforce:

  1. Install from the AppExchange page. Visit our AppExchange listing and click the Get it Now button on that page.
  2. Make the Apsona tab visible. Click the ‘+’ sign at the top right of the Salesforce menu bar, and then click the “Customize my Tabs” button.
  3. Assign licenses to users.