How do you unblock a blocked DPF?

How do you unblock a blocked DPF?

DPF Regeneration What you should do is get in your car, drive to the nearest motorway or long A-road, stick it in a lower gear than you normally would while cruising and maintain 3000+RPM for 10-20 minutes. You may find that this allows your vehicle to go through its regeneration cycle and clears the blockage.

Can a blocked DPF cause engine failure?

Under certain conditions, a DPF can become blocked, causing an engine fault code to display. Ignoring a DPF warning light can result in loss of power, reduced fuel economy, poor throttle response and difficulty starting & from 25th May 2018 is an MOT failure.

How can you tell if the DPF sensor is bad?

Here are some signs that indicate the DPF is not regenerating properly due to the DPF sensor failing:

  1. Poor engine performance.
  2. Poor fuel economy.
  3. High engine temperatures.
  4. High transmission temperatures.
  5. An increase in black smoke (soot) from the exhaust.
  6. Check engine light.

Why does my DPF keep regenerating?

Your DPF will become blocked when soot builds up in it. To clear it, the soot needs to burn away, which is called “regeneration”. There are several ways that DPF regeneration can happen: Your car injects diesel on the exhaust stroke so that it ignites and burns the soot.

What are the causes of DPF fault codes?

P2003 Diesel particulate filter (bank 1) particulate mass too high. P242F Diesel particulate filter (bank 1) regeneration not active. P244A Particulate filter differential pressure too low. P224B Particulate filter differential pressure too high. P2452 Particulate filter differential pressure sensor malfunction.

What are the fault codes for Renault cars?

P0193 pressure sensor circuit directing device for high fuel input C-022 Operation P0336 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit C-011 P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit High Input C-012 P0341 camshaft position sensor circuit. shaft out of range / performance C-012 P0381 Circuit High Voltage warning lamp filament-time C-037

Are there any fault codes for diesel cars?

Some fault codes are vehicle/manufacturer specific and others are used across all manufacturers. Officially Europes first DPF Removal specialists, we are by far the most knowledgeable DPF specialists in the country and have been working on correcting DPF problems on diesel vehicles since 2007.

What are the symptoms of a block DPF filter?

Symptoms of a Block DPF Filter As the majority of DPF’s are installed on newer cars, you will more than likely have a trip computer. Error codes such as the DPF light or EML (Engine Management Light) will be the first symptoms of a failing DPF.