How long is a Volvo test drive?

How long is a Volvo test drive?

one hour
Test Drive+ allows customers to choose to have a test drive at a retailer or a chosen location, such as their home or place of work, lasting up to one hour to ensure a thorough introduction to the car.

Are Volvos safe?

Over the years, Volvo has established a well-earned reputation for building what are among the safest cars on the road. All current Volvos that have been crash-tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration receive a superior rating of five stars for occupant protection.

Is Volvo XC60 a safe car?

The IIHS announced on Friday that it has bestowed awards upon two Volvo SUVs, the 2020 XC60 and the 2020 XC90. The XC60 scored Top Safety Pick, mirroring the XC40 and S60 that came before it, but the XC90 was awarded Top Safety Pick Plus, the organization’s highest honor for vehicle safety.

What is an extended test drive?

An extended driving test is a court-ordered test which is generally more challenging than a standard driving test. It will include all of the manoeuvres, various types of roads and it will last longer than a standard 40 minute driving test.

What kind of standards testing does Volvo use?

We use Volvo SAE standards testing procedures to characterize various physical, thermal, mechanical, and chemical properties of component parts and materials, and determine whether they are compliant with relevant standards. ATS performs the following methods to this end:

What kind of diagnostic software does Volvo use?

TDS is our quick and easy-to-use PC-based diagnostics software solution for the diagnosis and maintenance of US07, US10, or US13 Model Volvo trucks. Interested in receiving the PTT diagnostic monthly newsletter and notifications?

What kind of testing does ATS do for cars?

ATS offers a complete range of automotive testing services from chemical analysis to mechanical testing and environmental simulations.

What to do if your Volvo brake system fails?

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