How much does a post and rail fence cost NZ?

How much does a post and rail fence cost NZ?

Post and rail fences cost $22 to $32 per metre, including materials and labour. Seven-wire fencing costs range from $11 to $15 per metre. Most fencers provide quotes or estimates on a per metre basis.

How far apart should post and rail fencing be?

1.8m centres
The structure of post and rail fencing is the same for all types of timber, unless otherwise stated, all posts should be set at 1.8m centres, rail spacing will vary depending on the number of rails used. All nails to be 100mm x 4mm and galvanised.

Should I use pressure treated wood for fence rails?

Exposed to the elements as it is, wood fencing needs to be made of rot-resistant lumber. That is why cedar is a popular material for outdoor projects, as is pressure-treated lumber. The wood should also be painted or stained to better preserve it.

How do you connect round posts?

Clamp the two posts in place with quick clamps. Drill two pilot holes through the end of one post into the end of the other with a 1/4-inch wood bit. Make the holes about 1 inch apart. Bore the top of each hole out slightly with a 1-inch bit to a depth of 1/4 inch to make room for the socket wrench.

How much does it cost to build a fence per metre?

Fencing is typically charged on a per metre basis and could range from $60 to $1,200 per metre. This figure will typically include labour for installation and the cost of materials. Ideally, a contractor will visit your property to provide an accurate quote.

How do I install a post and rail fence?

Installing the Split Rail Fence Using a post hole digger or power auger, dig all of the holes 10 to 12 inches wide and 6 inches deeper than needed. Install the end posts first to establish a reference to make sure the line posts are aligned. Use a post level to check that each post is plumb.

How do you build a fence?

Constructing Your Fence Find your property line. Decide on the height. Stake the corner locations. Square the corners. Stake the middle posts. Dig the holes. Place your posts. Pour the concrete footing. Fill with dirt. Add a builder’s or mason’s line. Add on your support boards. Add your privacy boards. Treat the boards.

What is a 3 rail fence?

A three rail HDPE horse fence is a suitable design for paddocks, corrals, perimeter, dry lots and arena fencing. A rule of thumb is to have the top of the top rail equal to or greater than the horse’s withers and 54” high for cattle.

What does rail fence mean?

rail fence n. A fence consisting of horizontal rails supported at their ends by posts or laid across each other at an angle.