Is the ecu128 code the ABS or the engine?

Is the ecu128 code the ABS or the engine?

They are not fault codes, they are module identifiers. ECU128 is the engine ECU, ABS136 is the ABS. You should be able to toggle to another screen to give SID/PID and FMI #’s. Without that, I all can tell you is that you have an engine and an ABS fault.

What are the fault codes for the bulkhead module?

J1587 SIDs for Bulkhead Module (BHM) MID 164 SID Description Possible FMI 000 Backlighting Dimmer Switch Fault 7 001 Clutch Switch Fault 7 002 Reserved for Future Use — 003 Headlamp Switch Disagreement–Both park a 7

What do you need to know about an ECU fault?

You should also get a PID/SID and FMI number, which is the actual fault code, the only thing I can tell you is that you have a fault in the engine ECU, I need more info. Different trucks display faults in different ways.

What are the fault codes for Freightliner M2?

Multifunction Turn Signal Switch Disagreement–Both wiper high and wiper low inputs are on. Unknown Keep Awake Fault–Modules are kept awake. Headlamp Switch Disagreement–Both park and on inputs are closed.

What is the fault code for an ECU?

Engine ECU Faults (MID 128) Fault Code Description FMI Codes MID 128 PPID 326 Soot Level (DPF System) 0,11 MID 128 PPID 328 Aftertreatment Injection Shutoff Valve 3,4,5,7,14 MID 128 PPID 329 Aftertreatment Fuel Injector 3,4,5,7,14 MID 128 SID 254 Engine electronic control unit (EECU) 3, 8, 12

What are the signs of a failing ECU?

Common signs of a failing PCM/ECM/ECU include the Check Engine Light coming on, engine performance issues, and the car not starting. 1. Check Engine Light Turns On

What is the fault code for a mid 128 engine?

Engine ECU Faults (MID 128) Fault Code Description FMI Codes MID 128 PID 26 Engine Fan Speed Percent 3,8 MID 128 PID 27 EGR Valve #1 Position Sensor 3,4,5 MID 128 PID 45 Preheater Relay Status 3,4,5 MID 128 PID 81 Particulate Filter 0,2,3,5,12

What to do if your Freightliner has a trouble code?

If there are no further codes, I would make sure the fuel filter is a detroit diesel/ mercedes part. I would also check under the cab to see if there is an inline fuel filter in the plastic fuel line, and change it or eliminate it.

What are the codes for an ABS warning light?

If after testing the sensor or if you have scanned the ABS computer and get a trouble code C0035, C0040, C0041, C0045, C0046, C0050, C0051, C1221, C1222, C1223, C1224, C1225, C1226, C1227, C1228 , C1232, C1233, C1234 or C1235 the sensor is either unplugged or it has shorted out and needs replacement.

What are the numbers on the ABS fault code?

1. •The ABS light will blink (flash) a number equal to the first digit of the two-digit fault code. The first digit is a number from one to eight. •After a 1-1/2 second pause, the light will blink the second digit. The number of blinks for the second digit is from one to six.

What do the numbers mean on an ABS ECU?

The MID is 136 for the ABS/ATC ECU. •The next three digits (preceded by a lower- case “s”) represents the subsystem identifier (SID), which indicates the component at fault. •The last two digits, the Failure Mode Identifier (FMI), represent the specific problem with the component.