Stop cheating and start learning

Stop cheating and start learning

If you’re a student, you certainly have to write countless essays as homework and sometimes it’s not easy because of lack of time and probably skills. That’s why so many students nowadays use various websites that sell ready unique essays. There a student can find a freelance writer that would write an essay, article or something else within a certain time frame and for a fee. Sounds perfect, right?

However, recent researches on plagiarism show that about one-fourth of all students in the UK use essay writing service. Educators sound the alarm and are going to take measures to prevent this as such a purchased essay is equated to a copied one. Now after catching at plagiarism, students may be punished or even expelled.

So what should students do?

To avoid such a bitter experience, it’d be better to do homework by yourself. The main reasons why students keep using essay writing services are laziness, shortness of time and self-doubt. There are actually certain groups of students that cheat regularly:

  • Students for whom English is not the native language;
  • Students that are unsatisfied with the educational environment;
  • Students that are unconfident in their writing skills.

You probably think it is super tough to write an essay, don’t you? And what if I tell you there are some main tips to write a decent essay?

  1. Pay attention to structure

Any basic school or college essay consists of standard paragraphs: introduction, the body paragraphs (at least 3) and conclusion. That’s obvious and seems to be unnecessary to mention, but lots of students still make mistakes in that simple thing. And for these mistakes students get fewer points. So, you see, the structure is everything.

  1. Be careful with a style

Before writing your essay, think about what style you should follow. If you are writing to a youth magazine, it’s okay to use an informal style. If you are writing to a teacher or on a serious subject, using this style is inappropriate. Don’t mix up the styles and add formal phrases to informal letters and vice versa. Usually, a target audience of a paper is mentioned in a task.

  1. Start and finish a paper in a smart way

Do as much as possible to get a reader’s attention “hooked” in the introduction, where you present your position since the most important thing is to catch the reader’s interest. Tie thoughts together in body paragraphs by means of linking words like “firstly”, “secondly”, “therefore” and so on. In conclusion you may summarize your thoughts or add something new as an afterthought.

  1. Don’t use “boring” vocabulary

While writing an essay, try to avoid dull and banal words and phrases in favour of variety. You can at least full back on synonyms: use “excellent” or “amazing” instead of “good” and you will see how much this will improve your paper. Metaphors and idioms will boost your paper even more. Expansive vocabulary means vivid imagination and that might help you make a good impression.

  1. Give examples

If you refer to someone or something famous, it’d be better to continue your thought and not to limit with simply mentioning. Give a certain example; tell an exciting story, whatever. If you use a quote, it will make a paper even better. But bear in mind that everything you write shouldn’t be off-topic.

  1. Don’t forget to reread and check

Don’t be too self-confident and edit your paper if it’s possible. First of all, check the structure and style and then turn to grammar, spelling and punctuation. And if there’s still time, vary the vocabulary and examples.

What not to do:

  • Don’t use passive voice as it’s less catchy as the active one and gives the impression that you just let things happen;
  • Avoid personal pronouns unless the composition isn’t about your personal experience;
  • Don’t use the same words in conclusion as you did in your first paragraph and paraphrase them instead.

So, keep your head up and brush up your writing skills! There’s nothing you can’t do if you’ll do your best. And what’s more important, you won’t be able to use any of those services during the exam, unlike these tips. Remember: practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better your writing will get.