What does metric stream do?

What does metric stream do?

MetricStream provides powerful reporting and analytics capabilities across all Risk, Compliance, Audit and CyberSecurity products, enabling business users to create rich analyses and derive deep insights for driving business decisions.

What is GRC tool?

GRC Tool Definition GRC tools assist organizations with activities commonly conducted in departments such as compliance, internal audit, legal, risk, IT, finance, HR, and the C suite. GRC software enables both large private and publicly-held companies to manage and integrate regulated IT operations.

How does RSA Archer work?

RSA Archer enterprise governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC) allows you to manage the lifecycle of corporate policies, assess and respond to risks, and report compliance with internal controls and regulatory requirements across your enterprise.

What is M7 in MetricStream?

M7 Integrated Risk Platform is optimized to leverage AWS, enabling agility, scalability and accelerated performance. SAN JOSE, Calif. MetricStream customers are leveraging Enterprise Issue Analytics and Smart Policy Search capabilities, that are powered by ML.

What is security GRC?

GRC is an acronym for governance, risk management, and compliance. GRC utilizes approaching security activities in a mature way and enhances the likelihood of achieving security objectives by aligning processes that support each other in the greater context of the security organization.

What is GRC in information security?

A governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) framework helps an organization align its information technology with business objectives, while managing risk and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

What are Archer use cases?

Use cases of RSA Archer IT & Security Risk Management:

  • IT & Security Policy Program Management.
  • IT Controls Assurance.
  • IT Security Vulnerabilities Program.
  • IT Risk Management.
  • PCI Management.
  • Cyber Incident & Breach Response.
  • Cyber Risk Quantification.
  • IT Regulatory Management.

Why does IBM have OpenPages?

IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management helps financial institutions reduce time and costs to understand their regulatory requirements. The solution helps reduce risks, such as sanctions and fines, associated with a lack of adherence to regulations.

What are IBM streams?

IBM® Streams is a software platform that enables the development and execution of applications that process information in data streams. IBM Streams enables continuous and fast analysis of massive volumes of moving data to help improve the speed of business insight and decision making.

Where is the headquarters of the company MetricStream?

MetricStream is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, with an operations and GRC innovation center in Bengaluru, India, and sales and operations support in 12 other cities globally.

What makes up a security operations center ( SOC )?

A security operations center, or SOC for short, is a (mostly) centralized amalgamation of people, processes and technology that work to protect systems and networks of an organization through continuous monitoring, detection, prevention and analysis of cyber threats. SOC teams usually consist of:

How is CSIRT used in security operations center?

For example, threat hunting is used to identify threats, but also operates as a method of response. Both SOC teams and CSIRT teams use security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) tools, which could indicate that these teams need to be merged, as it is hard to decide who owns the tool and is accountable for its evolution.

How is Siem used in Security Operations Center ( SOC )?

Many SOCs use a SIEM to aggregate and correlate the data feeds from applications, firewalls, operating systems and endpoints, all of which produce their own internal logs. In the aftermath of an incident, the SOC is responsible for figuring out exactly what happened when, how and why.