What is beam dyeing machine?

What is beam dyeing machine?

The beam dyeing machine is suited to process a wide range of knitted and woven textiles. The fabric in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam, then subsequently loaded into a vessel that is closed and pressurized. This results in the elimination of creases on the fabric.

What is beam dyeing process?

Introduction. The beam dyeing process is widely used in textile industries for coloring the fabric with open width. In this process, the fabric is rolled onto a perforated beam and the beam is then placed into a closed pressurized vessel. The dye liquor is forced into the fabric from the perforations in the beam.

What are dyeing machines?

Beaker Dyeing Machine Atmospheric Pressure Beaker Dyeing Machine is used for high temperature. dying of fabric and yarn. This machine is used for sample dyeing of Yarn / fabrics at a max temperature of 98° C. The machine is model. Models are available on request.

How does a jet dye machine work?

In jet dyeing machines a strong jet of dye liquor is pumped out from an annular ring through which a rope of fabric passes in a tube called a venturi. This venturi tube has a constriction, so the force of the dye liquor passing through it pulls the fabric with it from the front to the back of the machine.

What are the different methods of dyeing?

Methods of Dyeing

  • Bale Dyeing: This is a low cost method to dye cotton cloth.
  • Batik Dyeing: This is one of the oldest forms known to man.
  • Beam Dyeing: In this method the warp is dyed prior to weaving.
  • Burl or speck Dyeing:
  • Chain Dyeing:
  • Cross Dyeing:
  • Jig Dyeing:
  • Piece Dyeing:

What is jigger dyeing machine?

Jigg or jigger dyeing machine is one of the oldest dyeing machines used for cloth dyeing operations. Jigger machine is suitable for dyeing of woven fabrics, up to boiling temperature without any creasing. Since the fabric is handled in open-width, a jig is very suitable for fabrics which crease when dyed in rope form.

What is the dyeing process?

A dyeing process is the interaction between a dye and a fibre, as well as the movement of dye into the internal part of the fibre. Generally, a dyeing process involves adsorption (transfer of dyes from the aqueous solution onto the fibre surface) and diffusion (dyes diffused into the fibre).

What is fiber dyeing machine?

-When large amount of loose cotton fibre is to be dyed in standared dyeing shade, continuous dyeing may be carried out. -The output of the machine can be can be as high as 2000lb per hour. -Vat and sulpher dyes are dyed on cotton fibre in theis dyeing machine.

How many types of jet dyeing machines are there?

Textile material can be dyed using batch, continuous or semi continuous process. 3. In which both the bath and material is circulated.

What is deep dyeing?

thorough; unmitigated. a deep-dyed villain.

What are the characteristics of a dye?

A dye has the following characteristics:

  • It must have a suitable colour.
  • It can be fixed on the fabric either directly or with the help of mordant.
  • It must be resistant to the action of water, acid and alkalies. The groups responsible for colour are called chromophores.
  • These should be unaffected by light.

What is the main purpose of dyeing?

Dyeing is the application of dyes or pigments on textile materials such as fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the goal of achieving color with desired color fastness. Dyeing is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material.

How is a beam dyeing machine used for?

The beam dyeing machine operates with the same principle as that of package dyeing machine. It can be effectively used to dye yarn or fabric. The process works like this, fabric or yarn in open width is rolled on to a perforated beam.

What is the pay back period for beam dyeing?

Pay-back period of 3 to 4 months. The fabric is put under controlled tension, and is wound on to a perforated beam. This results in elimination of creases from the fabric. It also ensures total control of dimensions of the roll of fabric. The fabric is not allowed to do any movement during the process of dyeing.

What do you need to know about a dyeing machine?

The machine has a large dyeing tank made of stainless steel with a supporting tube to carry the fabric forward in a continuous manner. The dyeing tank is also connected to several other connecting tubes to circulate dye liquor through heat exchanger, filter and finally to reach to the jet continuously.