What is Bike valve clearance?

What is Bike valve clearance?

What are valve clearances? Valve clearances on motorcycle and car engines effectively relate to the gap between the top of the valve stem and the cam that operates it. The inlet valves in the engine open to allow air and fuel into the cylinder, while the exhaust valves let the burnt gases out.

How do you set a valve gap?

To adjust the valve clearances, use a spanner or a socket wrench on the crankshaft-pulley bolt. Turn the engine in its normal direction of rotation until No. 1 piston is at the top dead centre ( TDC ) of the compression stroke .

How do you know if your motorcycle valves are bad?

Now that we know a little bit about valve clearances, lets talk about the signs your motorcycle will give you when its time to adjust the valves.

  1. Pre-ignition.
  2. Rattling Noise (Loose Valves)
  3. Overheating (Tight Valves)
  4. Increased Fuel Consumption.
  5. Valve Train Failure.

What are the specs of a Yamaha Wolverine?

Yamaha Wolverine ATV Specs 1 Model Type – Sport 2 BASE MSRP (US) – $6,399.00 3 Warranty – 6 months 4 Yamaha Wolverine 350 Top Speed – 55MPH 5 Engine Type – Single-Cylinder 6 Yamaha Wolverine 350 Seat Height: 33.1 Inches 7 Cylinders – 1 8 Engine Stroke – 4-Stroke 9 Yamaha Wolverine 350 Horsepower – 24HP 10 Valve Configuration – SOHC

Where can I find the Yamaha Wolverine service manual?

The official Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine factory service manuals contain repair information master-trained dealer service technicians use in the Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine repair shop. The knowledge put into the Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine service manual is developed by the manufacture, primarily for professionally trained Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine mechanics.

How to troubleshoot a Yamaha ATV Wolverine 350?

Troubleshooting the Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine is a form of problem solving when the ATV requires service due to a filed product. This Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine manual contains a troubleshooting section to logically and systematically search for the source of the Yamaha YFM350 Wolverine problem.

When did the Yamaha Wolverine 350 come out?

The Wolverine 350 is a sport all-terrain vehicle manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company from 2006 until 2009. Yamaha re-introduced the Wolverine brand name in 2017 for a side-by-side UTV model.