What to do if auto mechanic rips you off?

What to do if auto mechanic rips you off?

But Guerrero battled to get her money back from the mechanic and won. She even enrolled in auto repair classes and is educating others through an e-book she wrote, named, “Exposed: Auto Repair’s Dirty Little Secrets to Rip You Off!” “I ended up writing a book because I wanted to share all this knowledge with people,” Guerrero said.

What to do in the waiting room of an auto mechanic?

If you’ll be hanging around for a diagnosis or quick service, take a seat in the waiting room, grab a cup of coffee and let a professional do his or her job. Follow us on Forbes.com, Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest.

Why do I need to pay a mechanic who didn’t fix anything?

You feel ripped off, not just because of the money but because uncorrected vehicle problems put your safety — as well as the safety of passengers and others on the road — at risk. Even if your mechanic doesn’t fix the problem, you may still be charged a diagnostic fee.

Can a mechanic be sued for non-existent repairs?

Not to mention you shouldn’t be charged for non-existent or ineffective auto repairs. If a mechanic improperly installs a part, disables a safety device, otherwise fails to make adequate repairs to your vehicle, you may have a valid lawsuit.

Are there any problems with my GMC Envoy?

I have a 2005 GMC Envoy and my headlights have quit working, well at least the low beams (both sides at the same time). I have checked the fuses and the bulbs and both are fine. What else can I check before giving up and landing at the mercy of a local auto shop?

How much does it cost to replace a GMC Envoy headlight?

I have a 1999 GMC Envoy with HID low beam headlights. One of the headlights went out and I was quoted the following “replace the Igniter which costs $657.00 per side and also the Ballast which costs $616.00 per side. Or you could do the Headlamp Assembly which is around $1,000 per side.

Why is my GMC Envoy transmission leaking oil?

I repaired that tranny, last year,round may, in march 13, it started leaking tranny oil, end up dropping it and repairing pump, Transmission lines rusted out and leaking causing a transmission fault code due to slippage from loss of fluid. New lines installed by dealer & fluid topped up.

Why are the fog lights not working on my GMC Envoy?

The Fog lights work, and the high beams work when the knob is turned to “on”, but not on automatic. It’s almost like the sensor is not sensing that it is dark outside. Can anyone help?