What years did Cummins use the CAPS fuel system?

What years did Cummins use the CAPS fuel system?

Beginning in 1998, Cummins introduced the ISC based off the earlier mechanical 8.3 C-series engine. The original ISC engine featured a Cummins Accumulator Pump System (CAPS). This CAPS pump was a computer controlled injection pump,with individual fuel lines to each injector. In 2003 the HPCR system was introduced.

Can you turn up an 8.3 Cummins?

cummins power The P7100 you can slide the fuel plate etc like on the 12 valve pickups. If it’s the MW pump, there will be a large screw on the back with a jam nut. You can turn that in a couple times for some more power with those. Our Case 8920 has a 8.3 with the MW pump.

Are there any problems with the 8.3 Cummins Engine?

The 8.3 CAPS is electronically driven and runs into many of the same problems as on the 5.9 Cummins. These include failures with the lift pump, trouble due to excess water in diesel fuel, and excess heat. All of these may cause failures or faults with the 8.3 Cummins CAPS. The CAPS issue mainly affects motorhomes and other on road engines.

What should I do if my Cummins 8.3 won’t start?

I am not sure how difficult it is on the 8.3, but if you have several pounds of consistant pressure from the mech trans pump to the ip inlet, next install a clear line between the two pumps to rule out air infiltration.

When to change fuel pump in Cummins 8.3?

Also check the air input hose for the Air Compressor for a leak, they expand like a radiator hose and burst. Also check the output pressure of the fuel lift pump, you should read around 15lbs. if the pressure is less then 5 to 8 lbs. Change the lift pump, starving the engine for fuel and the low fuel rate can damage the injector pump !!!!

How to check engine pressure on a Cummins 8.3?

Opening the output side of the lift between the pump and the filter by connecting the gauge directly to the pump output line, or by installing a “T” connector in line and then connecting the gauge to the “T” output. I prefer this method because you can run the engine and watch the pressure level relative to engine load.