Where is the purge solenoid on a 4200 engine?

Where is the purge solenoid on a 4200 engine?

It is usually retained to the bracket by a small, bendable metal tab that you can bend out to remove it and then bend it back in after the new one is on. For future reference, the other valve/solenoid for the EVAP system is the Purge Solenoid, and it is located up by the intake manifold.

Is there a way to reset the intake temp sensor?

There is no reset of the computer that will fix a problem. At best it will erase the stored codes until a fault occurs. The intake temperature sensor can effect fuel economy, as well as the coolant temp sensor. Have the computer scanned to see if either code came back.

Is there a coolant temperature sensor on a Vortec Inline 6?

If what you are saying is true and that the Vortec inline 6 has no coolant temperature sensor then why does auto zone sell one ?Duralast/Coolant Temperature Sensor for your 2004 GMC Truck Envoy 4WD 4.2L SFI DOHC 6cyl. Price: $29.99 Please help me before i spend money.

Where are the spark plugs on a 4200 engine?

This engine does not actually have spark plug wires. They are spark plug boots. They are located under the ignition coils on top of the engine. The spark plugs are down in the valve cover under each coil under the air box on top of the engine. Getting trouble code for secondary air injection.

Why is my Chevy Vortec 4300 V6 leaking fuel?

In the L35 and LF6 engines, the spider injectors are known to leak at the pressure regulator and at the supply and return lines due to a design fault. Outside of leaking fuel onto the exterior of the engine itself, it can cause excess fuel to get sucked into the engine.

Where are the intake gaskets on a Chevy Vortec?

The intake gaskets on the LB4 and L35 vortec’s are very prone to going bad which results in engine leaks, overheating, stalling, etc. The intake gasket sits between the intake manifold and the cylinder head.

Why is my distributor not working on my Vortec 4300?

And the distributor sits in a high-heat part of the engine with poor air circulation or cooling. The cap is prone to warping from the heat, which results in the cap rubbing against the distributor rotor button. This causes the rotor bushing to wear out and the distributor begins to no longer be able to turn.

What are the symptoms of a Chevy Vortec engine problem?

Symptoms of Failing Idle Control Valve and Throttle Position Sensor 1 Rough idling 2 Engine stalling 3 Hesitation during acceleration 4 Hard shifting and lack of power 5 Lack of accelerator responsiveness 6 P0122 engine code (TPS sensor)