Where is the sunroof on a VW EOS?

Where is the sunroof on a VW EOS?

The Eos is an unusual convertible in that it’s exceptionally pleasing with the top up, thanks to a huge, standard-equipment sunroof that makes the interior bright and airy. Instead of the customary small island of glass well away from the roof’s edges, the Eos glass is wide and situated at the forward edge of the movable roof.

What are the features of a VW EOS?

In 2016, a limited number of VW Eos Komfort models were offered. One of the most attractive features of the Eos 2016 was a glass panoramic sunroof, thanks to which even the roofed roof in the cabin has plenty of sun and air. The folded roof allows the driver to save on luggage space.

Is there trunk space in a VW EOS?

Sure, the Eos has reasonable trunk space for a folding-roof cabriolet, but it still doesn’t have as much room as a similar-size convertible with a traditional clothtop. And it certainly doesn’t have space for, say, a bunch of golf bags.

How much does a VW EOS convertible cost?

In the case of the VW Eos, newly born into the just-under-$30K neighborhood, we’re saying “pretty darn slick.” That appraisal applies to the everyday realities of a convertible: shakes and rattles, wind noise, passenger room, and trunk space when the top is stowed. As a runabout for the passionate driver, we’ll give the Eos only a “fair.”

Where does the 2007 Volkswagen Eos 2.0T go?

We’ve racked up the miles in the new 2007 Volkswagen Eos 2.0T. Spent the day cruising the beaches of the South Bay to the Hills of Beverly, moseyed on by the stars on Hollywood Boulevard, then drifted up the coast to catch the sunset in Malibu. Five freeways and hundreds of miles, but we never left the infinite variety of L.A.

What’s the speed of a Volkswagen Eos 2.0T?

The 200-hp, 2.0-liter turbo four rolls up to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds, clearing the quarter-mile in 15.4 seconds at 92 mph. Road grip is more than decent at 0.83 g. The brakes, too, are creditable, stopping from 70 mph in 176 feet. This is an EZ driver.

Is the VW EOS a good car to buy?

The Volkswagen Eos is a good all-around car, adaptable to different climates and situations. As much as we enjoyed our time with its multiple personalities, we’re concerned about the high price tag. Our well-equipped tester cost over $36,000, which is frighteningly close to the base price of an Audi A4 soft top.

What kind of gearbox does Volkswagen Eos 2.0T have?

Although we prefer the standard-equipment six-speed manual gearbox, the test car had the automatic DSG six-speed. Steering-wheel shift paddles at three and nine are optional. The test car responded quickly to manumatic gear-lever flicks. At the same time, it’s a weird automatic, inclined to be snatchy at launch.

Are there any problems with the 2008 VW EOS?

I have had many problems with my 2008 EOS. I had to replace the air conditioning compresser, both window mechanisms, the convertible roof twice, and now the sunroof is broken and they want $2300 to fix it. It is costing me WAY too much money to repair problems that VW should handle since they built an inferior car.

Is the convertible top on a VW EOS working?

Volkswagen dealership service department mechanic even told me that 98% of EOS leak rain inside them and the convertible tops don’t work.

Why does my Volkswagen Eos roof not open?

It’s the sensors on the rear bumper that send the “clear/not clear” signal to the control unit so it’s worth taking a close look at them first. The smallest bit of contam can give a false alarm so get right down to check. Another cause can be water in the sensors, especially from a jet wash.