Who wrote the White Rose leaflets?

Who wrote the White Rose leaflets?

The White Rose began distributing anti-government leaflets in mid 1942. The main authors were Hans Scholl, Alex Schmorell, and George Wittenstein (see below) who wrote four leaflets and distributed about 100 copies of them. Of the 100, 35 fell into the hands of the Gestapo.

What happened to the members of the White Rose group?

The Scholl siblings were arrested and tried in front of an emergency session of the People’s Court. They were found guilty and executed by guillotine, along with their friend and collaborator Christoph Probst, on 22 February 1943. Hans Scholl’s last words before he was executed were: “Long live freedom!”

Who started the White Rose?

Sophie Scholl
Hans SchollAlexander Schmorell
White Rose/Founders
In 1942 Hans Scholl, a medical student at the University of Munich, his sister Sophie Scholl, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf, and Alexander Schmorell founded the “White Rose” movement, one of the few German groups that spoke out against Nazi genocidal policies.

How many members did the White Rose have?

In total, the White Rose authored six leaflets, which were multiplied and spread, in a total of about 15,000 copies. They denounced the Nazi regime’s crimes and oppression, and called for resistance….White Rose.

Founded June 27, 1942 in Munich, Nazi Germany
Founder Hans Scholl Alexander Schmorell Sophie Scholl

Who are the White Rose group?

White Rose, German anti-Nazi group formed in Munich in 1942. Unlike the conspirators of the July Plot (1944) or participants in such youth gangs as the Edelweiss Pirates, the members of the White Rose advocated nonviolent resistance as a means of opposing the Nazi regime.

Who caught Sophie Scholl?

The draft for the seventh pamphlet was still in Hans’ bag, which led to Christoph Probst’s arrest the same day. Mug shots of Sophie and Hans Scholl after their arrest by the Gestapo on February 18, 1943. The three endured a mock trial after long and arduous interrogations.

How was the White Rose created?

Why was the White Rose created?

Who was the White Rose Society and what did they do?

The Six Pamphlets of the White Rose Society The White Rose was a close-knit group of friends in Nazi Germany. They anonymously published a series of pamhplets, distributing them to scholars, medics, and pub owners. They began to do public grafitti critical of Hitler. Several were caught distributing fliers and they were all rounded up and executed.

Who are the members of the White Rose group?

Thus, the execution of the White Rose group members, among many others, is considered as judicial murder. The members of the core group all shared an academic background as students at Munich University. The Scholl siblings, Christoph Probst, Willi Graf and Alexander Schmorell were all raised by independently thinking and wealthy parents.

Who was the founder of the White Rose resistance?

The founder, Hans Scholl, was a former member of Hitler Youth who grew disenchanted with Nazi ideology once its real aims became evident. As a student at the University of Munich in 1940-41, he met two Roman Catholic men of letters who redirected his life.

What did Sophie Scholl do for the White Rose?

She was a key member of the Weiße Rose (White Rose)—a resistance group run by students at the University of Munich who distributed leaflets and used graffiti to decry Nazi crimes and the political system, while calling for resistance to the Nazi state and the war. On February 22, 1943, she was beheaded for treason at just 21 years old.