Why do you need a crank mounted trigger?

Why do you need a crank mounted trigger?

Consequently the signals received by the ECU can be rather flakey causing the ECU to make adjustments based on an inconsistent signal. It’s for this reason that a crank mounted trigger is desirable.

Why do you need a Haltech engine trigger system?

This combination offers the best ignition accuracy because of the high number of trigger teeth, the fastest engine startup and enough home information to achieve sequential operation and variable cam control position feedback. Need help setting up your Haltech ECU?

How are coils triggered on a Suzuki Swift GTi?

There are two basic ways of coil on plug. Dumb coils would be in say an old Nissan RB engine. The coils just generate the spark, and then a separate ignition module has heavy duty transistors to trigger them. Smart coils are like what’s in an LS1 engine, where each individual coil has its own transistor to trigger it inside the coil.

What should I do with my crank trigger sensor?

The Crank Trigger Sensor wires should be separated from other wire bundles which could cause interference in this wire. If possible, run this cable apart from other wiring. Use Blue Loctite on the distributor rotor screws to help prevent them from backing out.

Can a MSD crank trigger cause erratic readings?

MSD Ignitions can cause erratic readings with dial back lights, so you should avoid using those. For Power Adder engine like Nitrous or Boost applications you should phase your distributor at a minimum of 1/2 of total retard.

What is the correct firing order for a MSD crank trigger?

The easiest way is to use a timing light with adjustment knob, set #1 to zero, the next cylinder in order should be 270, then 180, then 90 back to zero as you go threw the firing order.

What should the air gap be on a MSD crank trigger?

You should have about .050 to .080 air gap between the sensor and the trigger wheel. Avoid using less gap than .050 as any radial run out in the balancer may cause the wheel to hit the sensor. Set your rotor in the distributor to point to the center of the #1 plug wire terminal.