Why is my Chevy Silverado not blowing cold air?

Why is my Chevy Silverado not blowing cold air?

One of the most inconvenient vehicular problems is when the A/C won’t blow cold air. If your Chevy Silverado isn’t keeping you cool, we’ve outlined some of the most common reasons why this might be happening.

Why is my Chevy Silverado heater not working?

The only thing that the air conditioning system has in common with the heater is that they both use the climate controls and the blower motor. It is entirely possible for your Silverado’s heater to work just fine even when the air conditioner is not blowing cold at all.

Why does my AC keep blowing hot air?

Recently when running the AC, it will randomly begin blowing hot air instead of cold. No matter what I try, the only proven way to get cold air to blow again is to shut the engine off, wait around 5 seconds, then crank back up. After doing this everything seems to work fine for a week or so…then the AC starts blowing hot air again.

Why is the blend door on my Chevy Silverado not working?

If it seems like one side is stuck at one temperature only, it could mean the blend door actuator is no longer working. The actuator turns a door to switch between warm and cold air, but there are multiple actuators in your truck. To figure out which one isn’t working shut off the truck and turn the fans off.

Why does my Chevy Silverado blow hot air?

I have a 2007 Chevy… I have a 2007 Chevy Silverado. The A/C will start blowing hot air for no reason what so ever and with no warning. Once it starts blowing hot air, the only way I can get the cold air back is to shut the truck off and restart it. It will blow cold for anywhere from 3 hours to 3 minutes before doing it again.

Why is my AC not working on my Silverado?

When I turn on AC, both sides will blow cold for a few minutes and if I hit a small bump in the road, the driver’s side will turn to extremely hot heat and I have to turn off the engine to reset it and it goes back to cold air until I hit another bump in the road.

Why does my car air conditioner blow cold then warm?

Any number of culprits could be causing your car A/C to blow cold then warm air, including: A Leak in the A/C System A small refrigerant leak is the most common reason a car’s A/C gradually loses its cool.

Is the a / C still blowing warm air?

Yes, I checked this and just about every other combination of settings and it’s still blowing warm air. The temperature coming out of the vents has been at ambient or a few degrees higher all day. I’m dropping it off tomorrow.